Please Help Me select the Perfect Entrepreneur Modules

These are the 20 I think Should be in, Can you please help me with what i could Add/Remove.
What could i add to maintain the spark with my Wife?


  1. Wealth Limit Destroyer-
  2. Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy-
  3. Sultan-
  4. Debt Annihilator-


  1. CORE****Ecstasy of Gold ST1 Q Core-
  2. ARES-
  3. Atman-
  4. Limit Destroyer-
  5. Rebirth-
  6. Unlimiter-


  1. I.Q. and Cognitive Booster-
  2. Informaticon-
  3. Information Releaser-
  4. Intuition Enhancer-
  5. Productivity Unleashed-
  6. Stop Porn and Masturbation-

Social Status

  1. Total Nonchalance-
  2. Rogue-
  3. Power Awareness-
  4. Power Unleashed-
  5. Lion IV-
  6. Leader of Men- .
  7. Iron Frame-
  8. Invincible Presence-
  9. Inner Circle Q Core-
  10. Daredevil Core-
  11. Alpha of Alpha-


  1. Overdrive-
  2. Negativity Shifter-
  3. Negativity Displacer-
  4. Naturalizer-
  5. Natural Winner-

Please Help Me

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Those are all great modules - and in the end only you can know what would fit you best.


All are great! It’s difficult to further shortlist to 20

What are your goals for the next 6 months?

Have you discovered your true life purpose yet?

Do you want the sub to only seduce your wife or is there more you wanna work on?


For a custom sub, I always feel it’s best to target 1 specific area (health/relationships/wealth/spirituality) for fastest results. Rather than focus on 2 things.

With that in mind, I’d scrap the Social Status section. You can stack your custom sub with Daredevil or True Social if you really want some help in this area right now.

That leaves you with 21 modules. Of the remaining, I’d take out either Natural Winner or Overdrive. Too much overlap between them IMO.


Bro for the soicial status part, i only want it upto a point where it will help me in my business endavours.
I feel like the following 7 mdules out of the 11 social status would still be necessarry.
Power awareness
Power Unleashed
Leader of Men
Iron Frame
Invincible Presence
Inner CIrcle

Makes sense! Thank you!

My strategy was to start from the minimum required to achieve my goal. Then everything else is icing on the cake.

In my case, for example, that was Stark and Ecstasy of Gold Stage IV.

If I were only allowed two modules, those would be the two. Stark gets Status, Fame and Social Influence, Wealth, Intelligence, Creativity, and Vision. Ecstasy of Gold brings the pure powerful Wealth focus and acumen. So, those were the cores around which my current program is built.

I’ve always been interested in Power Can Corrupt and I feel that, as a sensitive empath, I need help in that area, so I added it in. PCC is about navigating social plans and power dynamics and handling negotiation.

So, those were the cores of my personal Wealth program.

Everything after that was supercharging it and making it even better.

Ultimately, I agree with @friday. Your own intuition will be the best judge. Just be sure that you give it enough of a chance to make that judgement. Look through the whole deck of cards, quickly or slowly, and let your impressions come.

And the point @Simon made may also be helpful. You do not have to start from Ecstasy of Gold Stage I just because you’ve never run EoG before. Stage I is about dissolving disabling, limiting beliefs. Stage II is about finding your ideal Wealth path (similar to Sultan). Stage III is about moving into Action. And Stage IV is a supercharged Wealth Generation focus. So, it’s a good idea to make a choice based on your focus in the next 6-12 months when you’ll be using this custom program.

I’m actually running mine right now as I type this. And I wish you success and fortune in meeting your goals.


I have recently started actively job hunting while simultaneously helping with the family business, and after the last few days my focus has completely shifted towards Entrepreneurship/ Productivity.

My Goal is to Get some work experienceunder my belt, build some professional connections and then come back and lead the family business by the time my uncles move into retirement.

Stark Q + Ascended Mogul Q

Stop Porn and Masterbation
IQ and Cognitive Booster
Leader of Men
Productivity Unleashed

I am slightly undecided between the CORE

Stark Q & Ascended mogul is my choice to keep the balance between cool, Social, Masculine, Wealth focus.

I am wondering if I should Add a third Core or Replace from

  1. Khan Stage 4
  2. EOG Stage 4
  3. QL 4 (in which case i will remove IQ and Informaticon,)

or any other module that would be suited for my goal.

Please Help
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@Friday @Malkuth @Badboi


Why not make it Emperor instead of Ascended Mogul?

I would go for Stark + Ascension because Stark has enough Mogul scripting in it.

This is an extremely powerful combination.

I would advise to keep your sub focused as much as possible.


I’m honored that you ask me for advice.
As I see it, you are good with what you came up with. I wouldn’t add any more cores.

Thanks you for your response!

However, I did not understand the following advice

are you suggesting I add these three too?

I am targetting a 10 module Custom Sub for now, so,
If I add * QLQ4, I will take out IQ booster and Informaticon- which of the 2 options sounds better?

Sounds Legit!

@NewLease Thank you for your advice! I am not on my journey to be the eventual solopreneur yet, for now and the next 1-2 years my goal is to get myself outthere and make as many connections as possible. Emperor is the core of my next Custom when i come back to my fam business.

@anon3072973 Thanks!

Would you guys happen to know about the feasibility of stacking a custom with a standard Major?


No Stark and Ascension is a really powerful combination.

Do not add any other core

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That’s what I do right now but it only works because my custom is very light and doesn’t contain any cores.

Wait, we can do that? No core?

Is your custom name embedded?

What majors are you stacking?
How are the results?

I’m sorry. I’ve not really been able to keep track of others journal updates since my trauma episode.

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I personally run a heavy custom with
Khan 4
EiOG 4
QL 4
with other modules focused around sex , romance and money
Mine is terminus build
Along with this I run StarkQ every day with my custom .

But as I see your goal , I feel you have chosen well , may be you can add inner circle as core too .
And on side note I feel joe de vivre is great module to add.

StarkQ in itself is very powerful and result oriented sub .
I have always been using emperor but with StarkQ it suits my personality wherein I feel social , doing business seems like fun and there is attention from women all around .

Best of luck for your journey .


I’d say that the first step is to take this goal and to work to break it down into clearly-articulated, functional sub-goals. It’s still really general.

We can’t always tell the future. Unexpected twists and turns will happen, this is true.

But, as far as what you do know, are able to predict, and can plan for: What are the functional steps that will be involved in reaching your goal?

“I will need to learn how to…”
“I will need to establish connections/relationships with…”
“I will need to deepen familiarity with…”

“Things are likely to progress through the following specific stages…”

In other words, develop more of a Roadmap. It doesn’t matter if it’s wrong. It just matters that you’ve clarified it. For now.

As you do flesh out your Roadmap, you’ll see that some parts look more challenging and other parts seem like you already know how to do them. That’s what will give you the cues and signs that can guide you in developing your ideal subliminal strategy.


Did you get married??


Yes Definitely that sounds brilliant!
How do you come up with such stuff all the time?