Please help me pick a sub

  • HoM with Daredevil
  • Stark with PCC

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First of all, happy new year to everyone and their families.

I have been on the forum for a while now but I am torn between the above choices and would appreciate your advise. Which one would you advise me to choose?

About my goals, from most important to less important:

  • Find a good job with good income
  • Get my ideal girlfriend
  • get married
  • start a family (very important for me)
  • Build a good social life with quality friends
  • Enjoy my life
  • earn decent enough income, not to worry about my finances
  • investment opportunities for passive wealth
  • have good network of friends and connections
  • good business mindset
  • doing something for the good of people
  • being wealthy
  • appreciating life
  • move and learn fast on my path
  • making good connections networks
  • not being victem of power plays
  • accept who I am
  • belief in myself and love myself
  • No victim mentality anymore
  • doing things right for once
  • get a beautiful home
  • healthy habits
  • feeling good about myself
  • good laughs everyday
  • leadership
  • accepting myself for who I am - not changing to suit others needs all the time and end up being disappointing when the help is not returned


Will tag @Simon here


Ascended Mogul, I think.


Based on your list I picked the option I felt would hit the most of your goals. Whichever you end up on, remember to take action toward specifics. You’ve got a lot of different areas you want to work on. I would try to put these all into 3-4 broad categories (work, romance, social, etc.) then prioritize them and work on each one at a time. Focusing on too much all at once can lead to overwhelm and stalling. Good luck :slight_smile:


@aaa, for the goals you’ve written, AM should be your base/core, you can add DD or PCC later, if deemed necessary.

If you must use a bigger badder sub, then Khan will be easier to consciously direct towards your goals – and you can add Wealth-related modules later – (again, only if necessary.)

Unless you have used Stark or HOM (or even EQ) before, and know that you can steer them in these directions. Then, it’s fine. Pick the one whose mechanism you can commit to ACT in accordance with.



Hi @Simon

Thank you for the response! I get where you are coming from with AM.

I should have given a bit more of background as to why I put only these titles there.

I have been using a method similar to Michael to communicate with my subconscious.

Results where that I have to go with stark with PCC, no matter what and how I asked(over days). When I asked for an alternative I got HoM with dardevil.

subconscious choice is stark with PCC. I like HoM because of the connection and family part.

Torn between these two. Was hoping you guys would go for HoM but it seems most peopl are voting for stark

ps I used stark and hom and PCC before.

thanks for your advice! Espesially the ACT in accordance and steering them

If you had to chose @Simon which one would you pick out of the two?


Thank you for your votes and suggestions/help!


It’s easy then. I would recommend:

Month 1: StarkQ + PCC
Month 2 onwards: StarkQ + PCC + HoM


From the list you wrote, I don’t see anything that cannot be achieved with Emperor.
Pick Emperor and run with for one year.


No worries!

What method is this?


Then you must use Stark & PCC. :slight_smile:

If you’re using a method to communicate with your mind, then you must practice it as much as you can.

You need to trust your mind and the method – over time improving your connection, and your interpretation skills.

You should avoid actions that demonstrate a distrust in your mind – like asking on a forum, or getting swayed by other people’s opinions.

The subconscious knows better what it is that you really want, what will be most fun for you – beyond what you typed in the opening post. It also knows what is in those scripts.

If you have doubts in the answers you’re receiving, then use the same method to get the clarifications you need.



Thought I would post this insightful piece of advice. I think it’s best to know your current position and where you want to be.


I definitely agree!

Which is why I hope he shares his subconscious communication method, as the only two I’ve heard of so far are muscle testing (which seems hit or miss based off of my very brief research) and the pendulum, which I don’t have the tools for. Namely…a pendulum :sweat_smile:.


The list of 26 goals in the op are general (most people want the same) and abstract (not binary / measurable).

From Ascension to Gold, pretty much any success/alpha title can be used to accomplish these goals.

That is why my answer was:


Good question! So it is actually quite simple :slight_smile:

How to communicate with your subconscious

First you need to know how to imagestream

Then ask your question before imagestreaming. Ask your question in different ways and finally close it with asking your subconscious if you have fully understood it.

Finally another good source

One of the best things I have leanred in 2020


Spot on about all of it @Simon !..actually pretty cool insights!..I will start to break the goals down into more measurable steps and act in accordance

That must have been quite a journey to learn all this, amazing!


I would stack PCC+Ascended Mogul and replace AM with HoM later on (or even EoG). On top of that, you could use True Social Ultima when socializing and hunting for your lady.