Please help! I don't understand the "Set and Forget" Method


Please help me understand the “Set and Forget” method, i am finding it difficult, English is not my first language.

Thank you in Advance!

  1. Select the ultrasonic version of the subliminal you want to listen
  2. Adjust the volume
  3. put it somewhere next to you
  4. forget it and go about your day


There is something with graphs and frecqency checking, what is that?


The “Graphs and frequency” is basically about measuring the sub’s volume through an app.

Just look around the forum a bit. Search keyword “Frequensee”. Some threads will show up, where you can find out more.


@pakr93 Thank you! but is this process necessary?


If you want to listen only to masked, then no.

But if you want to use ultrasonic, it’s a useful tool that will help you tremendously. I use frequensee every day to make sure the sub is playing properly.


How does the effectiveness vary between masked and ultrasound?