Please guide me to learning Artificial Intelligence

I started learning python. but after my dad passed away i stopped, and forgot most of the stuff.

I started learning again.

I wanna learn python and then learn the field of artificial intelligence.

Can someone help we?

@HypeDaddySovereign you have learnt artificial intelligence from scratch with no relevant background. Can you please guide me how i should go about learning it and what resources will be efficient?

Thank you

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Not going to lie I didn’t read any of the articles but it did find those three in under five minutes on Google

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Thank yoi bro!!!

Bro, when there are too many options, everythin that i didn’t enrol into seems better than what i have. I am really looking for a solid step by step way to just start it off. once i understand the foundation i can manouvere my way through… If that makes sense

This is probably the way to go then

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Bless you my friend

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I suggest you take practical workshops. That’s where I personally learn the best. From someone who knows their shit. But of course, you may want to do it on your own - perfectly valid I’m sure it can be done - it’s just I recall my experience being 1000x stronger that way

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I wish there were any available where i live…this is still a pretty much untapped area.

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Try meetup app bro. its possible you have python group nearby

Search Results

Web results


Python groups | Meetup


I learned the basics – enough to be able to communicate with our programming firm and understand the concepts. And no lie, I learned what I did from Udemy and eBooks. I spend A LOT of time studying. Very little television or distractions. That’s really the key.

That and Beyond Limitless.


@HypeDaddySovereign will you please guide me to some specific ones?


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@mecharc - it would be a good idea to search something like “artificial intelligence beginner” or “machine learning beginner” in both Udemy and Amazon Kindle. Check the reviews and samples and see what looks good to you.

Choosing resources is a learned skill too and this is a perfect opportunity to acquire it.

YouTube is also your friend when it comes to book reviews and searching for things like “best books on machine learning” is also bound to throw up something good. The comment section in such videos are also useful.


Learning how to learn is part of learning too. Udemy is a great place to start as you can sort by course popularity. Sure there may be other courses that are newer and maybe better, but at least the ones you can see have had success already are very likely to be good enough as a starting point.

When I learn a new skill, I learn it with a specific project or task in mind. I wouldn’t set out to learn AI programming just for the sake of doing it, I’d approach it by trying to learn how to… use AI for image sorting. Or, AI for synthesizing article content. Or, AI for intereacting via chat.

Pick what you want to do, specifically, and then that will help guide your studies.

Aside from that, what happened to your plans of getting a job in sales/marketing?


I suppose I can contribute as I am getting into an AI degree.

I think there are several ways to learn AI, and they all have pros and cons. Depending on your situation, your needs and wants, some of them may not even be a good pathway. The pathways are:

  1. Total free method from going to YouTube, and online communities and forums.

  2. MOOCs, (e)books

  3. Boot Camps

  4. Getting a degree from an academic institution

  5. Anywhere in between and other methods.

I suppose only you can know what would be the best method to learn the AI as you are the only one who truly understands your needs, wants and condition.

Apart from the pathways, you are going to need math and programming skills.

Math skills: Calculus (up to Multivariate Calculus or more, probably better to get differential equations too), probability and statistics, and linear algebra. You may also benefit from getting discrete math (although I think that discrete math may be more for cybersecurity)

Programming: Basic programming, and data structures

Again, depending on the types of AI skills you are looking for, you may not need all the listed skills, or may need more. However, based on what I have heard, AI is basically running programs to calculate algorithms of linear algebra and calculus. Thus, there probably is not going to be avoiding math.

If you don’t have these skills, I suggest you first try to pick up these skills to build solid foundation to start learning AI.

I hope I was helpful, and good luck with your AI learning! :smile:

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And if you just want to do ML AWS opens up their free courses on it but it’s based on their products:

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Thanks! i am starting off with mastering python basics

Can you please suggest me how to do a sensible stack rotation with

StarkQ Custom, Quantum LimitlessQ, Ecstacy of Gold / Mogul / AM , Emperor Fitness

Goals: Learn Programming, Work Fulltime(starting next weeK), Working on a side Hustle and Looking after my health

Pretty Please.