Please Give my some suggestions Everyone


Hello Every One! hope your journey is going great.

Please help me with this.

I am currently doing Khan.
So, Keeping my long terms goals constant, and aside,

I have an event coming up December 27th, where i will meet people from the past after ages. I want to go to the Event As high status and Alpha as possible.
Please suggest if i can add anything to my current stack to get maximum status results for this short term goal without diminishing the long term results.

Current Stack : Ts in morning + ST khan & Mogul


I think you don’t need anything else besides Khan :smiley: .
By that date you will be probably running Stage 3 already.
Stage 1 will redefine your past (like the cause for you wanting to appear high status and alpha to your old acquaintances)
Stage 2 will help you rebuild yourself with your new belief system.
And by the time you will get there you will be on stage 3 which is Total Action and you will most likely be the most social in the group by that time.

If you still want to add something more you could check out Spartan it seems it’s becoming now a trend. Maybe it could help you in Stage 1 and 2 to include that spartan spirit while you redefine and rebuild yourself.


I swear I had a burst of Euphoria while reading your reply! Thank you @Flake_And_Milk!!!