Please critique this stack


I have been waiting for a total healing sub. And boom! Here comes Dragon Reborn.
I’m getting ready for my 2021 stack.
What do you guys think of this stack for 12 months? Dragon Reborn + Emperor Q + House of Medici + Sex Mastery Q + GLM Q + Commander Q + Executive Q

I would like to run that one stack for all of 2021 and nothing else.

@SaintSovereign any comment?


I think your brain may implode or catch on fire running all THAT together :slight_smile:


That could happen. :joy:
Reason why I’m asking for feedback.


I think it depends who you are, how much experience you have, etc. It’s highly individual. However, for a beginner it’d probably be best to just stick with e.g. Emperor

Also Emperor itself contains Sex Mastery and GLM… It also makes Commander redundant IMO, maybe Executive also (I realize you may want to enhance those areas but just saying… it’s Emperor dude ;))

And I’ve heard House of Medici is quite a beast also but… hey, feel free to give it a shot - I’m doing similar things despite the general recommendation being to stick with less. It may just make it a tougher experience or results may come slower - this is what Fire was telling me yesterday regarding what I was doing.

Anyways, I also think part of why people have reported results coming slower or ‘them not getting results’ is because of their own limiting beliefs. When you run just one subliminal I guess it’s much easier to see things happen and the effect is more intense so you get convinced that it works. Looking back I’m really happy I ran Emperor on its own for a while. Perhaps otherwise I’d not have believed in subs so much and wouldn’t’ have continued

If you are experienced, should work but I’d still recommend going with e.g. Emperor + E:HOM. Leaving DR out.

I am doing DR rn and just spent 3-4 hours doing lots of work on myself. Average person also cannot do this so I wonder what their coping strategy would be… (well, on the other hand I’m stuck in my room rn can’t go for a walk which most probably can do - it would do wonders). Not trying to scare ya but it’s quite a beast :D. So running all three at once could get tough, but well you can always adapt.

Still I’d go for E + E:HOM and do DR later. If you really want to do it maybe DR + Emperor? Or maybe Emperor and E:HOM and later adding DR. Or just run all three, if you can handle it and feel ready for it. But at least the next bits like Sex Mastery I feel is kinda redundant

Then again, I do similar things at times and sometimes you can break all the rules. Enjoy yourself. I hope what I’ve said here somehow helps. I’m about to run 2 customs + DR (all multistage programs + Stark)… at Terminus strength.


@ALMIGHTY: I have run Ascended Mogul and the last 3 versions of Emperor. Been doing this for a couple of years now. But you’re right.
I think I’ll keep to DR + Emperor + Executive for 6 months. Then I’ll see where it takes me.


Alright hope this helps - can also see if after a couple months you want to reconsider and add HOM back if it fits your goals I think 3 should be doable too. I really believe most of the time we place limitations on ourselves. But yah, I like it that you took a few things out -they are in Emperor already so eh


@ALMIGHTY : Sex Mastery was in there only because I’m planning to have A LOT of sex in 2021. :joy:
This pandemic messed up a lot of things for me.




This is waaaaaaay too much. Drop HoM, SMX and all Ultimas except Executive until you’ve finished DR. It’ll help with HoM and the rest of the stack.


Would RebirthU or SanguineU help better manage the reconciliation from DR?


Is there any reconciliation on DR?


Isn’t any sub capable of having reconciliation? Not only DR?


I’ve got reconciliation on Executive only even though I listened to 8 loops of KhanQ for some time. I wonder if anybody has mentioned about any reconciliation on DR.


@ksub - since you plan to play this stack all through 2021, it is better to break it down like everyone mentioned:


Month 1: Dragon Reborn ST1
Month 2: Dragon Reborn ST2
Month 3: Dragon Reborn ST3
Month 4: Dragon Reborn ST4
Month 5: Dragon Reborn Ultima
Month 6: Dragon Reborn Ultima + Emperor
Month 7: Dragon Reborn Ultima + Emperor + Commander Ultima
Month 8: Dragon Reborn Ultima + Emperor + Commander Ultima + Sex Mastery
Month 9: Dragon Reborn Ultima + Emperor + Commander Ultima + Sex Mastery + HoM
Month 10: Good time to make a custom or two (Dragon Reborn ST4 + Emperor + HoM = Dragon Emperor Custom. Etc)