Please comment this potential stack


In January, I’ll start my first subliminal journey. I have precise goals to hit. I’ll focus on personal power and wealth. Provided that all these program have a masked versions. If not I’ll go with the ultrasonic versions. I need to launch two businesses and there is going to be a lot of new things to study and a lot of work to do.
Here is the stack that I want to use for 90 days. If I’m happy with the results, I’ll run them again for 3 more months before I add Emperor.

1 - Ascended Mogul
2 - Rebirth
3 - Limitless
4 - Aura

Comments? Suggestions?


This is a really good subliminal stack, and you should see good results, given the fact that you have concrete goals you’re working toward. Subliminals always work better when you have a solid goal in mind that you’re trying to achieve. The passive results aren’t nearly as noticeable.


My circumstances do not allow me (for now) to use the ultrasonic versions on speakers. Can anyone provide a few tips on listening to ultrasonic through earphones?


Keep the volume really low, like 20% of Max volume or less when listening to Ultrasonic tracks.