Physical shifting energy requirements

Will the energy demand physical shifting/healing titles lessen/dimnish over time or the body will be in constant state of shifting/healing?


That’s a good question.


I have a very dense physical shifting custom and I wanna know for how long should I listen for it to not make me tired.
@RVconsultant Support apparently don’t answer questions anytime soon.

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What is your support ticket number, and when did you enter it?

please post the answer when u get it


If you entered a support ticket, tell @RVconsultant the number please.
Also when you get the answer to this please post here too.


I will enter a support ticket when my previous tickets are answered.

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This is a intresting question curious about this too

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In my experience (I’ve done a lot of physical shifting and healing). The answer is yes.


So does it affect the shifting in some way?

What do you mean lol

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Imagine the physical shifting is a new “video game” that you’re introducing to your subconscious mind and body. In the beginning, it takes a little while to find the rhythm of the video game and then it progresses more smoothly and naturally.

When you first introduce the “video game”, the homeostasis of your body is disrupted.

The degree of your homeostasis being disrupted, lessens the more you physically shift, because you become acclimated to the direction of where you’re physically shifting.

Your body adapts. You will keep physically shifting but your body will have balanced the process.

edit: my opinion/experience


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