Pheromone module

I dont think SC have a pheromone build module which can be incorporated into a custom.

Just checking with you guys.




What’s the difference between using an Auric based module/sub vs pheromones?

Like let’s say those pheromones I’ve heard about from people like @RVconsultant vs Libertine ZP or Wanted ZP, would they outperform subs?

Also I know different pheromones have different uses, but still, aren’t they basically made to enhance aura of the user, and effect the “smellers”?

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@RVconsultant you used pheromones for years please share your perspective.

Thanks in advance.

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Do these work on humans? I vaguely remember reading that they mostly affect certain species, and has a very little effect on humans. I’m not sure though, I’ve never tried it. I’ll be interested to hear!

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I’ve heard that too, but I’ve also heard just as many (if not more) people saying subliminals don’t work… :wink:

I use pheromones and the effects are very very stong.
People that say they dont work are not dosing correctly or using a mix for the wrong situation and the last category is when people expect the pheromones to talk for them. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am using them successfully and having some really weird stuff happen.


do they have a compound effect with Aura-based subs?


I find alpha subs help more though.


so wait lemme ask something:

what would you say would attract women and get more compliments:
WZP + Dior Sauvage,
or WZP + a female attraction pheromone :thinking:

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Definitely a pheromone with wanted ZP.
I personally had extemely wild encounters with pheromones.


Give us some good tips, which pheromones should we buy.

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I dont mind sharing if we can create a new thread for pheromones.

I also dont want to be seen as advertising.

Im all in to share my tips and experiences :slightly_smiling_face:


bad wolf overload.

RVConsultant has used many of the LAL products. He used nude alpha with amazing results.

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Would love to hear what he has to say about it.

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RVConsultant is Pheromone King :slight_smile:

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Found only on US and UK sites :frowning:

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LAL use alpha obsession phewwww

Got to

Yes found this one, it is in the UK, since Brexit there are customs for the rest of Europe.

I dont have an issue with customs. Since these vendors package it like pros :sweat_smile: