Petition for Dark Mode on Subliminal Club dot com and Q store


Similar to the SubliminalResults forum having darkmode option, it would be nice for the 2 stores to also have them. Makes it easier to read especially for us compulsive people who often read the sales page for inspiration and the occasional boost during reconciliation


I’d love to have this too! I was looking for an option on my iPhone.

@raphael I know you have Dev options on your Android, have you tried Force Dark Mode on that?


Is that so? Will have to research that


Here’s one for how to do it when using Chrome.

Here’s how to do it (may be different to a Samsung)


Thank you, @Brandon


@Brandon - I tried the first option of force enabling dark mode in chrome. Works like a charm



Glad it worked for you man! Wish we could do the same on iPhone :rage:


You should add this to the"Site Feedback" section :smiley:


@Ninjistic - you are correct. Done!


Thank you for mentioning it. I’ve switched to the dark mode. Nice relief for my poor old eyes. :rofl:


We need to make a phone that’s all dark mode. Call it EyePhone lol


On my phone, all in is the dark mode at default.


@Voytek - Noice :ok_hand:


You should change it on your laptop or PC. Preferences>Interface->Theme and tick the box “Make this the default theme on all my devices”.


I use my phone. Changed chrome settings according to @Brandon 's instructions above