Personal finance management


I want to focus on managing my finances better, I earn a good salary and have multiple investments in property etc but seem to lack the management of the cashflow side of things

Any recommendations of what program would be of interest?

Mogul sub…

Emperor: House of Medici

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House of medici is perfect for it!

Hmm…these suggestions are asking for quite a big start for a relatively new member.

I agree with Emperor: HoM by the way. Just wondering what your sub history is first.

Yeah, HoM is heavy, but I mean, he needs to upgrade his management of the cashflow.

Could go witg mogul, but thought mogul was strong with more “job” approach.

Thanks for the reply’s gents, I’ve spent the last 6 months with Primal and sex mastery.

Got really good results keeping the passion alive I’m my marriage, now looking to transition into managing my finances better then maybe working on business and further wealth creation.

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Why not Emperor and HoM together for like 6 months and only those lol.