Perfect stack for Famous Emperor?


Hey guys!

I’ve been contemplating between which major subliminal to build my current stack around - should it be EmperorQ or StarkQ?

In the EmperorQ - I like the alpha male, dominance and sexual vibe. Being a successful guy you cannot f*ck around…

In the StarkQ - I love the fame & social aspect of it + the productivity & intelligence.

To be honest… I’d love to get the Emperor vibe but with more fame & social aspect added to it.

Which of the two would you recommend for the basis of the stack and what subliminals to pair it with?

(Or maybe I just wait for the Q, huh? haha)


Why not both?


I agree with @bujin. Why not both?


If you already own another subliminal you can run in the meantime I would wait for Q.

Otherwise, I also agree with bujin if this is not your first sub club subliminal stack.


I’m was running StarkQ and EmperorQ for 3 loops each every day currently.

Adding in some sanguine and godlike masculinity for 1-2 loops each.

I feel like I might get better/faster results with having just one core subliminal, that’s why I was asking.


3 loops of StarkQ, 3 loops of EmpQ, 2 loops of Godlike Masculinity and 1 loop of sanugine?


Depends what you wanna work on them.

I have been already pretty dominant and social through EQ but lacked the productivity and future thinking. So I switched from EQ to Stark


I will just stick with the aformentioned mixed stack until Q arrives : )

Shouldn’t be that long hehe