Payment support

I just bought libertine and it transacted fifty dollars off the card. But the purchase says failed and I don’t have it. I need support

i would email support or @HypeDaddySovereign @DarkPhilosopher

Noted. We’ll need the email you use for your store-account. We can find it but it’s faster if you tell us. Is it the same as the one you’ve used here? Did you get an order number? Maybe it says so on the card transaction? You can let me know by PM.

Keep in mind it’s still night in the US and Saint isn’t online as often as before the move, so it may take a bit. But I’m on top of it.

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Hey! Sure I’ll give you my email through dm and yes it’s the one linked to the purchase

@DarkPhilosopher how’s it going?

Short of calling him (which he likely wouldn’t appreciate unless it’s life or death) I have to wait for Saint to come online. No worries, he’s open in another window. But it could be a few more hours.

Checked out the order – it’s showing up as “failed” on our end, with the error message being:


I’m guessing the “missing money” is actually a pre-auth issued by your bank. We have no control over when the money returns. The bank should be able to expedited the return.

I want the product doe

hmmmmm, damn

Usually you can annul/cancel the transaction in your banking app/site and the bank should release the money back to you.

The security code is the three digit code on the back of the card. Try again after cancelling the first one?

this has to be my fault, I have to have received the number on the back wrong from the person sending me the details, just googled what a security code is.

I’ll do what I can to fix this and get the product, its been on my mind for days

Someone gave you their credit card details? How trusting.

The 3-digit code (also called the CVC code I believe) is usually located at or near the end of the signature area.

Good luck!

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its actually my brother, I live in a post war zone and I don’t have a credit card.

money i got

virtual means to purchase shit= no

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No need to explain, but thank you. And once again the best of luck, everything always works out in the end.

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They’ll release the hold automatically after a day or so.

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bought it with a different card

jesus im about to turn my town on fire.


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Stand down gentlemen. We will get him next time.

Why am I saying this, I am not even the leader.

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Not a leader yet? Check out EmporerQ. >.>

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