Payment in q website

What does this mean? When my card does not have credit in it, it shows “The card was declined “

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Not entirely sure. If it’s not an issue consider setting up a PayPal account and attaching your card to that as I have done in the past


It could be a few things. One, insufficient funds. I’m pretty sure you could have trouble shooted that one easily enough on your own. Another thing is it could be taking too long on one end or the other for the payment to process; I think payments fail after a certain time of processing but I’m not sure. Don’t take that one for fact. Three, your bank might be withholding your money due to recent large purchases for security reasons.

I don’t know.

Submit a support ticket.

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Paypal is not activated in q store, and I am now sure it has been done from the store
I bought 4 modules each after one another, and the funds of my card finished. Then I deposited money and it showed that message
When it did not have funds, it shows the card was declined
But now it’s fucked up
It is really annoying when you see your support ticket is not answered in a month
Your arch alchemist discount is not given to you in a month
You get your hopes up for having a crypto payment method and it’s not done in a month
And after you establish a payment method and gather money with a lot of sweat and blood this happens.
What time is it in saint’s city? Is he asleep?

No it’s not the bank
I went there
EVERYTHING is sorted out from my side

Saint is probably asleep perhaps he is brushing his teeth or maybe he is taking his dog for walk in the park. We are not exactly sure perhaps satellite imaging can trace our good friend Saint.

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I really hope Alpha Male gets his issue sorted soon he is a good guy.

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Yeah I guess it’s wake up time in that state
Anyways I texted him about this discount matter a day ago and asked for a coupon code, he did not answer
I dunno if it is pcc changing my perception or whatever but I feel a lot of grudge from the pther side and weakness that makes me more desiccated to buying a custom since I don’t want to feel this weak before others except sain and fire, if that is what they want
I am sure this is reconciliation

You mean it’s not available in your country?

I think whatever the issue is started here.

That’s a long time. This isn’t a personal dig but did you create one of those support tickets we keep hearing about that is overly long and complex?

I see you have the badge. Are you saying that you don’t have the code?

Help me understand what you mean by that.

I don’t know what time it is there. I don’t think Saint or Fire have recently disclosed much about where they live for privacy reasons.

You seem irritated about this. Understandable. I recommend taking a step back from it for just a bit, focus on something else and check back here when you’re a bit calmer about it; they respond better when the vibe they’re receiving isn’t aggressive or hostile.

I look forward to the resolution.

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Its no secret that both Saint and Fire live in america. Two years ago they spent a short spell in Paris where they met several famous celebrities who they interviewed. This led to the creation of HOM.

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America has different time zones. Pacific, Mountain, Central and Eastern. Knowing they live in America wouldn’t help him to guess if Saint were awake or not just based off of knowing he’s in the United States :slight_smile:

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I would put in a support ticket

There is no refund in q store, so paypal does not accept it(as saint said)
About the ticket, it was really long, but not as 4 (weeks) support tickets, fire said it fall in unreasonable demands category; despite the fact that it had some answerable parts, I am sure that fixing the q store problem does not take as long as one month and is not unreasonable demand.( I could not login by the same account and password of the major store so I made an account with exact email as pass, but there is no discount)
About the crypto payment I talked with saint two/or 3 weeks ago and the way he spoke was like he was setting up a crypto wallet and everything, and here it is, nothing in this matter.
Yes I also don’t know his state, I think it’s LA
My feelings and thoughts are irritated, but I want to disidentify as much as possible
So yeah, gotta take a chill pill
But hear me guys

I did already

Ah. So it was an in-depth question. If Fire said it’s unreasonable for me personally, that would make me want to take another look at my ticket; the guy seems rather reasonable.

You want your issue resolved; so do many other individuals it seems. Each of those individual tickets add up.

Let’s say 50 people submitted tickets in the last two weeks. If even 30 of those are ‘unreasonable’, think of what the Support Guy has to go through in their personal process of vetting what they can personally answer with their own understanding. Then, there’s the tickets that go to Saint or Fire for clearance. Saint has answered at least one of my own tickets personally as the Support Guy was at the time still attaining their own knowledge about that topic.

So yeah. It’s frustrating. Again, understandable. But there’s a whole operation behind the ticket system. But I do want to put in there that I hope you don’t think you’re being bypassed because they’re prioritizing someone else because you and your needs aren’t important.

If that’s a concern of yours, that is.


It really is
It just got confirmed to me that I AM having recon

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You should take a washout for a week or 2 before running any other subs

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I will decide on the matter

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I’m still pretty unexperienced, but I fully understand your frustration. With your first few posts I felt that you were going through recon… it’s alright man you can push through it, don’t let recon take over you :slight_smile:

I don’t have confirmation from anyone that I am going through recon but damn I def know that I am going through a major recon right now. tho my fault because I am being an idiot with my sub schedule… still pushing it as hard as possible to not stab me too deep…

But anyways, just push through it, you know you are above it :slight_smile: … alright all the best


It’s a conspiracy made up by the SubClub Illuminati.