Password synchronization between q and normal store


Currently, I always have to reset my password when logging into the q store after having logged in to the normal store and vice versa.

Does anyone else have this problem?

Maybe my password is too strong/long and gets cut off somehow during the synchronizing.


if/when that happens, I just sign in again to the main site and then it’s fine on Q store for me.


Thanks, if it happens again, I will give your advice a try.


Just reset your password on the q store and enter your regular one to sync them :wink:


Hm I will explore it more deeply in the future.

This is where I am at

  1. I can login with password A at q store
  2. I cannot login with password A at main store
  3. I reset password at main store to password A
  4. I can login at main store with password A
  5. I cannot login at q store with password A
  6. I reset password at q store to password A
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I didn’t notice this before so my assumption is it has something to do with my chosen password. Which doesn’t make sense if the password is hashed unless it gets cut off. As I cannot see the code I can only make assumptions or treat it as a black box.

It’s not really that important right now because I already ordered my next quintessence sub and won‘t need to switch between the two often from now on.


I’ll look into this. Both passwords and usernames should be in perfect sync, regardless of what store you do it on.


Ok I tested it with @realbillperry advice- when I am logged in at the main site I am also logged in at q.

I can currently use the password at the main site. So the last password reset must have been through the link on the main site.

When I am logged out I cannot login at q directly.

But now that I know the little trick I can just login on main site then go to the subdomain.