Paragon's Potion


As some people here knows, Ive experienced pain and inflammation in some of my joints for a while. It comes and goes depending on how stressed I am and other factors.

Paragon’s seems to be the perfect program for me right now, Im gonna be using it with Elixir Ultima, but mostly Paragon.

My custom stack is gonna be paused for the moment, I want to do Paragon and Elixir by themselves for at least a month, then Im adding 1 of my customs.

Currently starting the 1st loop of Paragon :sunglasses:


Am excited for all of us! Good luck with Elixir + Paragon!!!


Thanks @raphael!! Did you bought Paragon too?


I just did. Will run a loop or 2 during my afternoon nap


Keep us posted .
My mother experience some issues with her knees too .
I will be very keen to buy one for her too as per your progress .
Though I bought one for myself for general healing and well being .


Nice!! Just finished my 1st loop and I feel very sleepy. Gonna hit the bed very soon.


I just scanned my body looking for the parts that are in pain or rigid… now Im going to bed and will check again tomorrow morning with a new loop.
I’ll keep you posted!


Now I feel very restless and my mind is in overdrive, cant sleep and Im unconfortabe.
Second loop here we go!


It’s going to be an exciting journey for all of us but for you especially. Thanks for sharing it with us.


I did 2 loops of Paragon yesterday, two more this morning (5am and 7am)

At the moment I am pain free, except from mild pain in my lower back. I have some heaviness/rigidness on my knees, elbows and some kind of “shadow” lurking about.

Early this morning I became aware of this sort of shadow, it has density and weight and it doesnt feel like me. As weird as this might sound, it feels like an external influence, very old.

This morning I fell asleep with my first loop and had a very interesting dream. I dreamt that I was talking with my ex, we where both sitting in chairs and she looked/talked totally different, not as she change her looks, but she looked as someone else.
It got pretty disturbing so I stood up went right to her, grab her by the shoulders and very seriously I started asking “Whats your name?”
She laughed like I was joking, but I kept asking till I got an answer, she was possesed or multiple personalities (pick the one you want).

Everything began to make sense to me about her (still in the dream) and I discovered 4 different possesions/personalities. Thats when I made them all compliant to me and integrated all the fragments in my body… I understood that really it was all dissociated parts of me.

Very interesting and powerful Alchemy going on with Paragon, maybe I wont add Elixir quite yet. I want to have the full Paragon Experience for a while.


It’s a great idea. Thank you for sharing your experieces.


You are welcome!! If you have questions or comments, please feel free to share.


Agni Meditation day 26/30


this sounds like the unexpected/spiritual healing/ effects component of primarch/paragon that was spoken about–incredible

could this be a negative spiritual attachment or generational trauma influencing you? Maybe Immortal’s blade for your next custom? Alchemist address this sort of thing as well, which is in Agni…or what do you think it’s about?


Its sounds exactly the same to me, pretty incredible to be honest.

My ex told me she dreamt about me last night too… at first I didnt care much about it because I thought she had some kind of romantic dream and she was going to tell me she misses me or something.

Later she told me about it, in the dream (this gets spooky) I went to spend the night at her place in the guest room and in the middle of the night I just appeared in her bed, she woke up to find me very sick, pale and in pain. She told me to go to the bathroom to puke and she helped me cause I didnt want to.

I began to puke a huge black gooey matter, it took a long time and effort to put it all out. When the gooey stuff began to accumulate in the WC it began to form a person, the black goo formed an old woman, with white hair. My ex says she thinks its my mother, but it didnt gave me that impression. The woman dissapeared and then Im lying like I was dead next to her in the floor.

I didnt told her anything about my experience, but to be honest its very enlightening. It makes me think it was some strong negative, dark spiritual attachment. Of course to have those kind of attachments you need to have severe trauma, so to me its both… now clearing out and healing. Heal the wound, the enviroment is no longer appropiate for dark entities/thought forms.

The next step in the process, the next layer of healing.
Now Im listening to a loop of Paragon, so… sweet dreams to me.


that is terrifying and trippy and incredible!!
Do you think Paragon helps heal/protect from this trauma’s/spirit attachment?
Like do you think it is bring it to light and actually dealing with it? Or just revealing it.
I’ll maybe wait to be running Alchemist/Immortal Blade before running Paragon if it just reveals.
But it sounds like the healing takes place on a level beyond your personal immediate body/ reality-that is so cool.


On my short experience with Paragon, it seems that it digs out the emotional/spiritual causes of physical pain/injury. It reveals the causes, release and heal them, leaving you protected from that vibrational signature, which was originally imprinted with the trauma.

I dont feel the shadow anymore. So I guess when I felt it in the morning it was just a memory of it, or maybe I felt it just before it vanished.


That seems spot on, thanks for sharing the full story and
addressing everything I asked/mentioned. I really appreciate the clarifying.
I’m going to get it tonight and test it this week. Will be checking here frequently to see
how your progress goes :slight_smile:


Please do tell about your experiences too!!


Im feeling a ridiculous amount of heat irradiating from my knees and feets.