Paragon question

Would Paragon help with legs problems? I guess it’s related to nerves or something, but my walk is affected a little and my legs burn a little, not all the time though. If not, what other title would help with that and which one is the best? Thanks in advance!

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Paragon Compete helped me with the final stages of the healing process of a fractured ankle I had over a year ago, and with relatively few loops. I’ve been considering picking it up again temporarily to assist in skeletal rehabilitation as physical therapy was great, but I didn’t follow up with the exercises they gave me to complete later on.


Thank you so much! Glad to hear it worked for you!


It’s good to add aps: leg to custom.

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been dealing with a hip inujury from soccer Muscles Spasms in pelvis , The Hip and Thighs groin even affect dick area , hoping paragon gon save me… ive notice some relief w paragon , but then reoccurs and will get worst. but went to doctor they said it was fine on xray . then used paragon and went to massage it got wayyy worse. let see if running it alot will do it trick

would paragon sleep do any of the following in which paragon do ?

I’ll keep an eye out for your journal, that’s rough.


Don’t be overly alarmed if any swelling in your groin area doesn’t recede back to baseline. Huehuehue.

No but yeah I seen on here months ago that Paragon has had some (unforeseen) benefits to male enhancement.

Directly, perhaps not. Indirectly, certainly. Quality rest is conducive to healing.

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Ill keep update here :sweat_smile:

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