Paragon health audio

does the paragon health sub work for any health issue? like for example nervous system issue? etc

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Yes. ANY health issue. Do follow doctor’s instructions along with running Paragon. If the doctor says nothing can be done, take some action like having vitamins, following a good diet and exercising along with running this audio.


Yes, Paragon should help with any health issue. Please continue to follow your doctor’s instructions in addition to the subs.

For nervous system issues, you can also consider Quantum Limitless Stage 1. From the Quantum Limitless page:

Before unleashing the power of Quantum, your whole nervous system (and not just the brain) needs to be in an optimal condition. This means extensive repairs of physical damages, rebalancing of hormones and nutrients, restoration of optimal functioning, rewiring of existing neural patterns for higher efficiency, preparation for new, even more optimized neural connections, strengthening of existing areas and creation of new connections.


my condition seems to of got worse after adding this audio? what is the reasoning here? are there specific affs for things or is it to heal ur condition?

According to the Paragon sales page it:

hone in on any ailments you might have, track down its source, and steadily work on healing the core of your illness, while lessening any discomfort you might have due to it.

How are you running this audio? How many loops a day?

If you followed the instructions and it got worse, I would recommend stopping it for a while.

If you want an official answer on why your condition is getting worse, you will have to ask support:


yes strange it is doing this to me just 15 mins per day 1 loop


Run it every alternate day. Not everyday.


thank you ill try that then :slight_smile:


You are welcome.

That is the listening instruction. To run it every alternate day.

Then after 21 days (including rest days) , take rest for 5 days and start again.

All the best.


also can i use this with other health subliminals i have one called [as a general rule, please do not post names of other subliminal companies or other subliminal products] that i also plan on using alongside this creation.

It isn’t recommended to mix Subliminal Club audios with those of other producers. We can’t predict how well they will work along side each other. It could give negative effects.


okay ill have to stop using subclub then … thank you :slight_smile: