Paragon cavityyyyyyyy

Can paragon heal cavity?

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It is not a substitute for medical treatment but a support to it. Get treated via a dentist and also use Paragon with your treatment. That is the way to go.


AFAIK Paragon has scripting to find the best medical help. I would encourage you to not only look at academic medicine but also at alternative approaches be it pearl powder, sango, neutralizing hyperacidity or others. Weston price might also be a name you might wanna look up.
I firmly believe it’s possible to reverse cavities without destroying more of your tooth.
And Paragon can help you to find the solution.


So I was curious and looked at the copy.

“ there is no need for you to wonder whether it will target a specific issue that you have at the moment. The answer is yes. The most pressing matters in your body take priority and are the first ones to be focused on by Paragon. ”

How? Idk… but the sales copy isn’t wacky and out of what’s possible here. I’d try it. If you do report back and feel better! That would be truly awesome.

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Go to the doctor dammit! It will still help in other ways, but won’t outright heal it

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Damn, wish I knew all this before having cavities filled. I always have a growth mindset and leaning toured the natural approach. Guess I know what I didn’t know now. Thanks!


Remember that subliminals are not intended to replace medical care.

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I don’t have cavities but I do feel like my gums were receding. Running Paragon + LoTS for one loop, 3 minutes each seems to immediately cause a positive effect. I’ve also run Paragon alone and I noticed tingling in my gums when I do like it’s very slowly filling out my gums.

I recommend getting some dental cleaning and checkups done if you haven’t already. The alternative approaches recommended above should be considered as well. And cut out sugar, it doesn’t help.

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I know as a company this message should be given, but paragon litterly cured my asthma and heart pain and stomach pain, it can definitly heal cavities if the creators put in some scripting for it in an update

It helped me to heal a pre cancerous looking lesion in my mouth, without doing anything else … other than imagining it gone and paragon loops.

I haven’t had a new cavity since subs. Fingers crossed.

I’ve also switched to a remineralizing toothpaste and discovered (during paragon) that glycerin isn’t a very ideal ingredient in toothpaste because it may coat the teeth in a way that blocks the natural remineralization process.

Cavities can reverse. (I wish I knew this as a teen having to get so many molar fillings!) I recommend regular cleanings though. Brushing twice a day with an electric toothbrush and daily flossing and/or water flossing. There’s also really great mouth washes with natural anti cavity ingredients.

Again during paragon, I discovered the best order of daily mouth care. Rinse first, floss, then brush and don’t rinse mouth out with water after brushing. You want your teeth to be slightly coated with the toothpaste. Don’t drink or eat after brushing for half hour.

Edit: I almost deleted this thinking that people will judge me or that I’m being too “mom” like. :joy:

Eff it.


Which one?

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Any results to report?

As @Detective_L mentioned, I would highly recommend seeing a dentist if you have a cavity however once you get your cavity removed you may experience a moderate amount of pain and discomfort where Paragon would be perfect for that for physical healing post-cavity removal and pain (still do whatever your dentist recommends to do after the cavity was removed. Paragon should be seen as an encasement to the treatment not a solution).

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