Pacman Ascended to Mogul


How does AM compare to Ascension
in terms of sense of discovering sense purpose/ or personal mission
and/or working on your personal goals as well as business goals?


Well for me i noticed that its really geared towards success and wealthā€¦yes ascension is there i can feel it but its more wealth focused.
My personal goals were met indirectly via wealth mindset changesā€¦
If i want to be wealthy i need to be disciplined and i need optimum nutrition to function way more than other peopleā€¦then my body needs to be strong to handle that amount of productivity thus i started gyming and doing home workoutsā€¦
Thats how personal goals and wealth are being met for meā€¦but its definitely not that rough ascensionā€¦lol


That sounds awesome,
seems very fast acting

Iā€™m not sure I understand, itā€™s not as rough/difficult as Ascension? If so what do you mean.


It sort of creeps up on youā€¦especially when you work you dont notice how productive you are until you stop or at the end of the dayā€¦then you realize ā€¦damn!thats alot i got done!
With this also comes how useless others are lolā€¦you can really see it nowā€¦

Yes its not that difficult and not so bossy vibeā€¦its really pushing you to work and get your thing doneā€¦


Yes thats why we stop talking to most people on Ascended Mogulā€¦ you are filtering the crap!!


Yes u right but im not acting on in just remaining calm so that my network of people is hugeā€¦so when i need help to execute some plan i got many to help and work for me :grin:


Some interesting thingsā€¦

  • very concious when spendingā€¦im not buying junk anymore.
  • i also noticed increased eye contact from ladies and the best part is i can maintain it.
  • i also do lots of approaching at work and have noticed that i get really good responsesā€¦
  • the super hot lady at work keeps eyeing meā€¦she keeps coming to my workstation for silly thingsā€¦the other day she came to look for her keyā€¦at my workstation!:grinning:
  • i feel absolutely confident in approaching and starting a conversation.
  • still doing lots of reading.
  • last i went on youtube was loke a week ago and that was to listen to a audiobook.
  • watching my nutrition very closely.


Reading through your journal it seemed you had such great results with AM are you still running it if not any reason ?


Still running it just added regeneration with it also


@pacman - good going, bro. Love the improvements


Iā€™m curious what was your reason for wanting to stack emperor with AM ?


Was thinking of boosting my network for business goalsā€¦it was emperor:HOM


Adding rebirth and regeneration to my stack makes a world of a differenceā€¦i can run more than one loop of regeneration with the help of rebirth.