Optimal Listening Habits For The Q Wave Of Subliminals?


Hey ho fellow subliminal fans!

I’m wondering what’s the optimal consumption of Q-powered subliminals for optimal effects?

In the past it was always the set-and-forget method, then we talked about alternative listening pattern (6 hours during the day and nothing during the night)…

And now the subs got infinitely more powerful.

@SaintSovereign What listening practice do you recommend and also what have you concluded with the alternative listening testing that is applicable to Q?

And for all you of you SC members, what are your listening practices currently?

I am running about 8 - 10 hours during the day of Q-powered subliminals (StarkQ 3h, EmperorQ 3-5h, SanguineQ 1h and Godlike Masculinity Q 1h)


My stack has double loops of most of the titles in it so it’s run time is 6 hours (6.5 when AlchQ is released) so I just have it to set and forget in the background. This usually gives me about 3 loops a day. Before going to sleep I turn off the playlist loop so it stops playing while I’m asleep then I hit play again when I wake up in the morning


SaintSovereign had answered this on another thread:


My listening pattern changed from listening the whole day and NIGHT (back in Summer '19) to only listening during day-time as much as I can, and now with the Q subs I am only running it for 5-7 loops during the day, as more seems to make me tired and emotional irritated


Set and forget for me. I just turn it off before I go to bed. I used to worry about how many loops I was getting in, how much exposure, missing parts of the sub, etc. I was stressing myself too much.