Operation: Cleansing Fire


So after hearing all the good shit about Dragon Reborn I decided to buy. I personally need what it offers so ima focus on ST1 solely for 30 days. Yes i need cleansing so here we go.




Thanks for finding a new dragon!


That was a great choice, you’re going to see.

What are your goals/expectations towards Dragon Reborn?
You may find my goals towards it inspiring if you needed it:



Well what I’m wanting out of running this sub is to burn off all the shit that holds me back and move on for it. Let’s just say cleansing fire is perfect for what I’m aiming for.


Day 1: So I gotta say it’s very noticeable and I’m glad. So how it’s been is that I don’t even entertain negative self talk as much as I was. Just not feeling as shitty as I usually do. More awake and willing to get out of bed faster. Oh yeah healing shit; heart, back, teeth aren’t in pain or aching.


Day 2: been listening and it’s done wonders for my physics health. No heart palpitations, drinking coffee doesn’t make my heart feel like I’m suffocating, back issues are immensly lessened. I’ve also turned down lesser women and settling for quick sex. I also am much less negative and angry.


Day 3: I’m so much less negative than I normally am. Also I eat a bit more balanced, but going to the gym is normal for me. Also been more proactive in job searches, especially sales. Also posted a dog walker offer in Nextdoor. So yeah hey it’s something.


Your results are real good, @Pwnie21. Awesome!


Day 4: Negative self talk almost popped out, but it’s much easier to shut down. Been more optimistic about life and searching for sales jobs and just enjoying initial D. Also not freaked out about money; keeping the faith and all that. Not as tired and just enjoying things. I’m glad I bought this sub.


I know the feeling! Mine is so popped out, even when I try to pop some into my thinking it’s a struggle. Have to actually put in effort to negative thinking instead of it being automatic? What a concept!


Day 5: listening Less today but I felt sick earlier but than immediately felt better. Self talk has been winding down, felt somewhat calmer. Been stuck in a rut, but more out going in reaching out to people. Honestly I’ve been coming to terms with some things and been thinking about my ex a lot.


I’ve noticed this on DR too.


Cleansing fire indeed. You’re doing great friend. Keep it up


Day 6: Taking off today and tommorow. Honestly got done with errands today. Got to a Panera, but instead of watching anime I just decided to open up a LinkedIn learning course. I forgot they give you a free year of premium if your former military so yeah.


Day 7: off today; havent done jack shit today. Just read manga. Merry xmas


Day 8: today been calmer and more relaxed. Had Christmas Day today. Got much needed money just in time. Been feeling more tired though and have had a headache. Didn’t listen all day for 3 days just about.


Day 9: mild headache and tooth ache, but day has been good otherwise. Been listening while asleep.


Day 10: been getting last minute helpful money. Negativity stops instantaneously before I finish. Some of my friends finally wanna with a script for a comedy series. Get Netflix to pay for it. Happier and more chill.