Openmind - DaredevilQ + RebirthU


1 x Rebirth U (day)
2 x Daredevil Q (night)
** 5 days on / 2 days off

To be happy, confident and outgoing.

I’ll use this log to provide weekly updates. I’ll maintain the usage as written above for at least the first week before making any adjustments. I had a meeting this morning which happens every week, so I can use it as a type of benchmark. I should know if it’s working though, hopefully the subliminal combination can help me to break free from some of the unconscious things that hold me back.


That’s a great routine you chose for a start. I’m confident you’'ll get great results, just stick to your stack and see how it goes.


Thanks, I’ve had some reconciliation but it seems to be improving. I felt like something released last night after a series of powerful dreams. Feeling pretty damn good today.

It’s funny I don’t resist EmperorQ or PCCQ but a sub that encourages me to be social induces deep despair lol


That might be caused by RebirthU which is trying to reframe your old-self into your new sociable identity. Some people experienced this kind of reconciliation while on RebirthU. I’m glad you’re another user who decided to run RebirtU alongsode with a major title. I’m gonna do the same with Stark or Emperor when I’m done with my healing stack.


Cycle 1 Notes

-5 days on / 2 days off
-RebirthU x1
-DaredevilQ x2

The week started with a lot of dreams, and anxiety increased during social situations. As the days went on, my emotional and mental state improved. I was focused on what I needed to get done and I was less interested in analyzing past social interactions for the purpose of identifying how people may have perceived me. I did have an embarrassing experience on the second off day (yesterday) and that took me a few hours to get over but that kind of shit happens sometimes.

When interacting, internal rigidity remains and certain types of people appear uncomfortable or intimidated. I have not observed any dominance challenging behavior from stronger alpha personality types like I have experienced when using other subs. During several emotional low points, I rationalized switching subs to something like emperor to avoid feeling weak and vulnerable. I will push on though because perhaps the greater struggle will result in greater results. I’ll use the same usage schedule for another week and report back again at the end of cycle 2.