Openmind Daredevil log


I start this new log because I just bought daredevil. I did primal with rebirth in the past, mostly for social improvement goals and I had some good results. A friend bought me Emperor v2 then v3 as a gift and I have been running that subliminal. It’s been good, v3 has been less depressing than v2 was for me, as I had some real bad feels on v2. I have developed some solid daily habits like cold showers, meditation, exercise, diet and most recently nosurf (internet).

But for all the good it has been doing, it is not helping much on the social front. I am less patient with people than ever, almost like they are a waste of my time, standing between me and what I need to get done. I have been very organised, sorting out finances, servicing the cars, completing repair and renovation work on the house while also committing to my daily practices and a variety of one-off goals / jobs. But the lack of patience I have for other people, including my own kids, is at odds with what I want to achieve, which is to develop healthy connections with other people.

Overall, I rate the SC subs highly, although I have had experience only with one other sub provider before starting primal/rebirth, which also worked. I hope daredevil is what I am looking for. It should be quite noticeable if I gain benefits from daredevil because my social abilities right now are not great, and I am sure I have offended a number of people over the past few months while running emperor. I worry I might lose focus on my daily habits I have developed without emperor. I was considering buying khan because I read daredevil was included but the whole multistage process turns me off a bit as I’d rather stick with something more focused on my social goal. I also considered keeping emperor in a stack while doing daredevil, but for now, I think it will be straight daredevil, while I assess the effectiveness of the subliminal. I know emperor was doing a lot of good things overall, but despite the fact things were going quite well and I was getting a lot done, I never felt very good. Some nights were rough with crazy dreams and a lot of fear. I think I will keep emperor for the future at a time when it can be of use. Anyway, enough rambling… I’ll give you guys an update in a few weeks, and let you know what I think of the daredevil.


Keep in mind, a bit of conscious effort is required in order to really see results. Literally, just say hello to someone you normally wouldn’t, or smile at someone when they acknowledge you. ANYTHING that would slightly push the boundary, and watch the alchemical process go. :wink:

Honest Review of Khan