Only having one headphone in? (and a question about volume)


For masked tracks, is it necessary to have both headphones in, or will having just one in suffice? Last night I had my headphones in but one popped out in the middle of the night. Not sure if that diminished the effects or if I missed out on some scripting. I read that someone on here uses one headphone when they’re at work talking to people. Would be especially useful in that scenario.

Also, I searched and found a question about volume levels for masked tracks. @SaintSovereign said that as long as the water is audible we should be getting reasonable exposure. When I woke up I was trying to determine if I could hear the water. There’s a particular bigger water drop sound every now and then that was very clearly audible for me. However, the smaller water sounds in the meantime were iffy and kinda audible but not really that obvious. Did I still get enough exposure since that bigger water sound was still very obvious for me? I’m hesitant about playing tracks louder than I need to especially while sleeping because of my tinnitus.


Saint has previously stated that you can go pretty low in volume and still get the benefits. I tend to look at it with my rational brain and say that if the voice-track is hidden somewhere in the water as a whisper, you need at least a decent volume.

I usually fall asleep with my SleepPhones in the right spot at a reasonable volume and by morning they’ve moved away from the ears and I can hear the rainfall in the distance. I need a smaller size, or something to hold them in place with.

To the best of my knowledge it doesn’t matter if you listen to only one channel, even though the channels have slight differences in the waveforms (the left side has little peaks, probably recorded with a 3D microphone).

It is a weird sound, isn’t it? Like a monsoon rain next to a babbling brook with several of those palm tree leaves that drip large drops of water every so often.

PS Thanks for searching! Always appreciated.


@DarkPhilosopher Wait so that constant sound throughout is the monsoon rain… I assumed it was some separate masking sound, and the brook and water drops were the sole water elements being added over it :upside_down_face: But I totally interpret that sound as water/rain now.

Well, that clears up a lot. The constant monsoon rain and big drops were audible, but the babbling brook was hard to hear.

Good to know about the channels too. I was talking to my coworkers with two headphones in for the past months cause I thought I would be missing something.