On Hold Orders even after licensing

@SaintSovereign , @Fire : my custom subliminal order 2023478 placed on May 2, 2022 is currently On hold even after licensing the modules. Can you please look into this and get it moving?

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Hey @aleesha,

Please put in a ticket over at Submit Ticket - Subliminal Club Support Hub and include your original order number (the one you put in here), as well as the order number for the modules that you licensed.

@Fire , i’ve opened two tickets since Monday with the order no. And date but no response. Is your support team active?


Support is busy and catching up. My custom got ordered before that. Just an exercise in patience :slight_smile:

EDIT: Didn’t mean to sound trite, if I came across that way.



I took a look at what’s happening - I see one support ticket (alongside the new one), and I see only one order made, specifically for the build, without any modules.

Licensing modules is a separate process - as outlined in the instructions, you have to choose the modules at Products – Quintessence by Subliminal Club, and then license them in a separate order. Simply adding them to the build page is the “lock-in” stage so to say.

So, building a custom consists of purchasing/licensing the modules, and then choosing the build method with the modules you want included (that have been licensed).

In other words, your order was put on hold as there is no evidence of you purchasing the modules as outlined in the instructions - there is only an order for the building of the custom itself with the modules you outlined.

If you purchased/licensed the modules that you outlined in your build order, please put the order number where you purchased the modules into your support ticket. If you haven’t purchased the modules, then you have to go through the first stage of licensing the modules and then providing the order number for that purchase (alongside the build order number - but we already have that).

Once that is provided, the Q-Engineer puts your order through, Q will build your custom and send it to your e-mail.

Finally, please read this for further information: How Does The Custom Process Work? - Subliminal Club Support Hub


@Fire , so do I have to pay seperately now in a different order to license 10 modules or will that go on hold too? I’ve already paid $99 on May 2nd for the ‘Build Custom’ one.

Or can i get a refund on the first order and do it again?


No, your original order went on hold because you skipped a step. Once the modules you chose are licensed, you can update your ticket with the new order number and the Q-Engineer will be able to process your order as normal. There is no need for you to create a new build order.

In other words, you have to:

  1. Go here: Products – Quintessence by Subliminal Club
  2. Add the modules you used in your May 2nd build order to your cart.
  3. Order them.
  4. Go back to your support ticket at My Tickets - Subliminal Club Support Hub
  5. Update your ticket with the order number of the order with the licensed modules.

From there, the Q-Engineer will process your build order that you made on May 2nd as normal by putting it through Q, which once ready will be sent to your e-mail.


@Fire , i’ve licensed the 10 modules now in order 2023558.

Building was done on May 2 in order 2023478 and I’ve created a new ticket for that.
Ticket id is #8196.

Can your team check and carry on with the processing?

Hi @Fire , got a mail saying the licensed modules order has been processed completely but the first one still shows on hold. Opened another ticket as well and replied on the first one. Will I get my complete order processed this week?

An order takes 3 to 5 business days. Unless you ordered express service.

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I’ll look into this now.

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Verified that the purchase was made, your order has been switched to “Processing.” You should receive it this week.

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Thanks a lot @SaintSovereign