OmFlux's Custom ArtMogul + Custom SpartanBeast + Custom WealthActivator


Ok, all three of those names suck, sorry.

I ordered three custom subs, and received the first of three late Saturday night, June 27th, just two and a half days after ordering.

For lack of a better name I have called this sub ArtMogul because I want to become a publishing mogul for my own books and/or music and the focus is on Ultimate Artist.

There are other things I want to fix. I’m having trouble finding the words to say what I want. I’m 47, feel like maybe I have twenty decent years left before the inevitable decline, based on what I’ve observed of my parents, aunts and uncles, and I feel like I completely wasted the last thirty years as an adult.

In many ways I’d like to blow up my entire life and start over, but I won’t, because I don’t want to screw up my kids’ lives in the process, and my wife probably deserves a medal for sticking it out with me. So I hope to fix myself from the inside out so I can be happy. So I can be the leader this family wants.

I’ve been playing ArtMogul Ultrasonic overnight, for about eight loops, and then I managed another couple loops of Masked during the day, each of the last two days.

Had a dream last night that was a bit weird. I apparently drove into the city near where I live and found the SubClub office (which, for sake of clarity, does NOT exist in my city). Went upstairs in a modern office building and @SaintSovereign and @Fire were at work, programming on their magick 'puters. I wanted to ask Fire a question. Saint covered his computer screen so I wouldn’t see what he was working on next and I had to explain to him that I just needed some help. Granted I have no idea what these guys look like, but I was sure of who was who in my dream.

I tell Fire that I am having trouble figuring out what is reality and what is fake. And I ask him whether I should stop listening to the Subs till my brain sort of figures it out. I don’t recall if he ever answered me. He seemed to be thoughtfully considering my question. Being a man of little focus or patience, I recall going to a break room and sitting down for a quick nap. When I came out, all of the SubClub employees had gone home early for the day. I guess I scared them away. LOL.

And that was that. I spent the rest of the dream sequence meandering thru the building trying to find my way out. I don’t think I ever got out. And that’s a bit of a recurring element in my dreams.

Here’s the contents of ArtMogul, with little chunks of the blurbs from the sales page.

Core Modules:

Ultimate Artist Q Core

Mind’s Eye Q Core

Ascended Mogul Q Core

Results Enhancement:

Carpe Diem Ascended - manifesting and developing incredible amounts of motivation, drive and ambition.

Joie de Vivre - Enjoying life, loving your ambitions, having fun working towards your goals, walking your journey with joy.

Omnidimensional - allowing the subliminal to work from an infinitely massive amount of angles.

Pragya - expand and develop the physical capacity of your brain to assimilate subliminal instructions at a more accurate, faster pace.

Productivity Unleashed - To help defeat procrastination that has been plaguing me.

The Merger of Worlds - for bringing closer together your conscious and subconscious mind, allowing for faster execution of the subliminal and clearer communication between the two

Overdrive - This module will overdrive your life with success, making you a natural winner.

DEUS - An immense module designed to make any subliminal self-developing and to push it ever onwards in increasing power and efficiency.

Yggdrasil - designed to speed and open up the pathways to manifestation.

RAIKOV - modeling and using the positive qualities, knowledge and skills of people who are at the top of the game

EGO ADSUM - put you into the present moment, helping you shift your focus from constantly thinking about the past and dreaming about the future, and into the present where life is happening.

I AM - break down your negative beliefs, emotions, traumas, thoughts, and behaviours and make you more congruent with who you truly are.


Stop Porn and Masturbation - you can probably guess what I’ve been doing during my bouts of procrastination.

Blue Skies - Blue Skies is a profound module allowing the user to glimpse the hidden depths of reality, the secrets about himself he might have been hiding, develop his concept of “Love”

Gratitude Embodiment - gratitude is a powerful emotion that can help open wider the ways for manifestation in your life

Energetic Development XI - With this module, you’ll easily improve your energetic system, helping you get better and better results with subliminals, psychological and spiritual practices.

Physical Changes:

I.Q. and Cognitive Booster - you will see a steady rise in your cognitive abilities (as well as during daily life) and this will be most obvious if you track it in any way.

I also have two other customs coming, one related to Physical body, and one for Wealth, which I will detail when they are approved and complete. My plan is to play the three for the next 12 months. The only thing that might change up for me is if/when SubClub releases enhancements for writing and musician. Then I will probably rebuild the PubMogul custom one with the two new enhancements.


@OmFlux - am rooting for your success since am in almost the same boat. Am almost 39 and yet to write even one book while dreaming of literary success thanks to wasting a big chunk of my life away. Am not married but I have some health challenges that is in the way which I have to overcome. Besides, one of my custom Q subs (out of 2) is quite similiar to your ArtMogul. All the best!


Consider going to grad school for an MFA in Creative Writing. It’s expensive, disruptive, but forces you to get it done. When I was in grad school, I wrote a novels and 5 screenplays because I was pretty much forced to do so. That being said, I’m still sitting on the novel because I wrote it during a very tough period of my life and every time I try to edit it, I end up reopening all of those wounds…


@SaintSovereign - it’s good advice. I will seriously consider it. Thank you.


Well, many writers only saw success in their later years… so there is still hope.


There are many of us here knowing that we don’t have much time left to achieve our goals… that’s why I think fast results are important.

As @blackadder said, we may not have the time to wait for results in terms of years…


Ok, I am just full of anxiety today. Feeling overwhelmed. A bit of that may be uncertainty at work. I’ve been here 20 years, and they are supposed to roll out a voluntary leave package shortly because my industry has been hugely affected by many small businesses closing down. And if enough people don’t take the package, then there will be involuntary reductions. It has me scared. When things are going well, my salary is 90% of the household budget money, plus all of the health care. My wife worked part-time prior to the quarantine, and now is not working at all.

So I’m scared to get fired. Scared to leave because I am paid well, and live in a small enough city where I am fairly certain I can’t find a job making as much (I tried two years ago and the offers were about 67% of what I was then making). Scared to get let go and have no backup plan (though I would have about 8 months of severance). Scared that I am coming to that age where I will be discriminated against for positions (agism). And imposter syndrome that I really don’t know what the F’ I am doing and don’t deserve being paid what I am presently getting.

I can’t control whether my name is on a list for involuntary leave, though I can certainly fix my thoughts around it. What I can also control is setting up the safety net in case job loss happens.

This is partly why I am excited to run my WealthActivator custom, whenever I receive it. I am hoping to at least lock down all my spending for the year and to pay off all debts. On the other side of the coin, I hope to increase the amount of money coming into my household thru the publishing business.

Proactively, I spent an hour or so this morning planning out potential topics/titles for a non-fiction book series. I listed out a couple dozen book topics related to self-help that interest me and/or I’ve explored heavily in the past. It may end up that topics need to be combined, but there’s at least enough for a half dozen books or more.

To this end, I am also researching how to write on Medium (for money). I think there is crossover opportunities for Medium articles becoming non-fiction book content.

As I write this, in between meetings and reports for my day job, I am working on some plotting for an Urban Fantasy series. I want to be writing actual content by the weekend on both fiction/nonfiction. Logic would dictate that I concentrate on one or the other, but I find that I need the balance of analytical with creative writing.

Also spent some time outside this morning writing a poem. My thought is I might be able to get a poetry book or two published this year if I can keep up the simple habit of writing a poem every day. About 15 years ago I’d self-pub’d a poetry book and used to sell them at music gigs. Did ok, I guess. There’s a small army of modern poets making a killing after building a following on Instagram and then thru books (such as Pierre Jeanty). The question is, is my poetry relatable and is my target audience on Instagram? Part of me feels too old for it.

There’s supposed to be a music component to this as well, meaning I am hoping to write and release music. That may have to take a back seat for a bit. Musically, I just joined a cover band a few months ago and most of my time that could be allocated to writing music is instead catching up with the set list for some August gigs.

It’s still mid-morning here, so hopefully I can continue positive progress, today. Plenty of day job left and I need to fit in a workout somewhere.


oh the irony…the moment that I added my reply above, got the email saying I’m eligible for voluntary leave and have till July 21 to accept.


SpartFit (formerly know as SpartanBeast) has been delivered. Build Strength: Q

I put it into my overnight with ArtMogul and got thru four iterations of each plus a little more on ArtMogul.

Here are the contents of SpartFit

Emperor Fitness ST4 Core

Spartan Core

Physical Changes

Epigenetics & DNA Modulator : further the changes that we experience using subliminals, and have our body truly be in synch with us from the smallest levels.

Inexhaustible - will help you become an absolute machine, pushing your endurance to the levels of the greatest athletes.

Equilibrium - Flexibility, balance and agility development

Extreme Exercise Motivation - there’s actually no description on the site for this but I think it’s pretty self-explanatory.

Serum X - is how you rebuild your body rapidly after working out or after injury. Your body will heal faster while you are awake and especially so while you are sleeping, allowing you to really push yourself over the limits or heal yourself when you get injured

BLINK - speed is paramount to achieve victory. Ok, I know this module is related to fighting, but in the sport of crossfit, there are elements

Master’s Coordination - Using this profound module, you will develop such coordination – the coordination of a true master of your art.

Emperor’s Voice - I’m really not sure why I picked this one up but I threw it in anyway.

Results Enhancers

Tyrant - Improving your ability to influence reality by improving the super, sub and normal conscious lines, and making stronger your personal reality

Lion IV - The Lion module is about creating a sense of relaxed mastery in you. I chose this to help me relax during any competitions or even in Workouts where it’s common for me to come out of the gates too hot, and then run out of steam.

Jupiter - If we develop our ability to manifest more powerfully and more consciously, we will unlock heights we couldn’t even dream of.

Deep Sleep - fall asleep quickly, easily and deeply, and wake up completely rejuvenated.

Atman - module will question you and your limits, prodding you to see why you limit yourself when you can be limitless, and allowing you to rise above the self-inflicted boundaries.

Information Releaser - I have thirty years of books, programs and knowledge in my head related to physical activity. My issue has always been how to pull it together into a concise and coherent program…and maybe the answer is that it can’t.

Mosaic - For assisting in stacking this module with the ArtMogul custom.

Naturalizer - for smoothing the journey a bit as I am running multiple customs.

Also added are Raikov (for modeling other successful people), Pragya (expand and develop the physical capacity of your brain to assimilate subliminal instructions at a more accurate, faster pace) and Deus (make any subliminal self-developing and to push it ever onwards in increasing power and efficiency). I believe these are the only three in common with my ArtMogul custom sub.

I’m still trying to figure out what I want out of this sub. Gyms are still closed in my area. I have access to a modest amount of equipment so I could start something. I’ve been a CrossFit enthusiast for six years but quit that a month ago when things went down at CrossFit Headquarters, and similar distasteful things occurring at my local CrossFit gym. I’ll try to piece it together later today. I also have a Wealth custom sub that was delivered earlier today that I have to figure out how it fits in here.

Dream last night that stands out, I was back at my old Crossfit gym, crushing a workout with hundreds of pull-ups that I can’t in reality do, and basically dominating everyone.