OmFlux Quantum Limitless Ultimate Artist Journal


I’d been running Spartan for some good success over the last few months but stopped two months ago to clear out my mind, knowing that I wanted to gear up for Ultimate Artist soon. I think that the release of Quantum Limitless today has pushed me into gear, as long as a couple of other things coming together.

November is National Novel Writers Month (referred to as NaNoWriMo on the interwebz) and so I’ve started working on my first novel. On Monday, Nov 11th, I will also be heading out to the 20Books50K self-publishing conference in Vegas, which will be a week-long conference that will hopefully provide me some knowledge on the process and some networking opportunities. The premise of 20Books50k is that if an author can release 20 books, it is reasonable that each provided 2-3 sales per day can result in a $50,000 a year income. Michael Anderle and Craig Martelle put together the conference. It’s not-for-profit, very reasonably priced at $99 (you have to book your own room, flight and food). If you check out Michael and Craig on Amazon, they are mid-6 figure to low 7 figure authors.

I’m also adding Inner Circle into the mix, in anticipation of the conference, and hoping to pull the right people in that can help me (cover designers/editors/opportunities for mutual marketing).

I’m listening to level 1 Quantum as I write this, trying to do day time listening for now. I don’t have the luxury of listening all day, every day, with family around, and other obligations but my thought is running 1x QL level 1 for thirty days, and UA 1x, Inner Circle 1x. So a 1:1:1 ratio. If I can get one iteration in per day, I will consider that a success for now.

I am trying to be patient and give each stage of QL 30 days of listening to sink in. I admit that I want to jump right to stage 4.

My plan is to follow the 20Books50k model, releasing novels in a series as quickly as I can; at least quarterly, but am trying to get to every other month.

I’d like to also re-engage with songwriting. I’m not terribly skilled but I do enjoy it and it could perhaps be a nice bonus enticement to readers.

At the moment, this is all I am aiming for.