OmFlux Emperor Ex Journal


Hi Folks;

I just joined the forum today, and purchased the following, which I’ve stacked and have been listening to a couple times through, as I write this:

Limit Destroyer
Emperor EX
Beyond Limitless

I enjoyed @Yardbird’s journal very much and as we are roughly the same age, and have some similar goals, I was inspired to start a journal.

I’m married with young children, so I’m not so interested in the chasing women part, but it would be nice to feel like I can attract other women. While I’ve always been fairly fit, my perception of my facial features is that they are not very pleasing. In my 45 years, nobody’s ever said I was gorgeous, or even handsome, let’s put it that way. And it’s affected my self esteem quite a bit.

But I’m really more interested in getting back to creative pursuits such as Novel writing and Songwriting. I’d like to replace my day job income with the proceeds of writing books and music.

I’m also interested in improving my athleticism. Crossfit is my sport of choice right now, and I’m excited to see future offerings from Subliminal club related to improving athleticism and also focusing on Creativity.

I feel a lot of overwhelm in my life right now, due to my job, my home, my finances, and also feeling like my time is running out. I harbor a lot of resentment toward wasting my youth and moving further and further from what I want.

This isn’t a very good first post, I guess. I really need to nail down what I want and get rid of the other distractions.

Distraction is what I really feel all day long.


Welcome to Subliminal Club, and thanks for giving us a shot. This statement resonates a lot with me, as I feel the same way. I’ve had a pretty good career, but it wasn’t in the more creative, exploratory fields that I wanted. But, I’ve made a commitment to being a full time entrepreneur within the next year.


Hey that youth is why you’re here in the first place!
In order to try and shake that feeling of overwhelm (which I feel is/was disempowering for me) I suggest you have a look at the first few chapters of Dusan Djukich - Straight-Line Leadership: Tools for Living with Velocity and Power in Turbulent Times
Take a look at the preview feature on Amazon to see if you can relate to the subject The kindle ebook preview contains more text than the book one.


Hi Folks, I seem to be suffering with a nasty bout of tinnitus as I write this. I listen for four hours or so yesterday, then overnight over a Bose Soundwave dock, ensuring the volume was low. Today I listened for about three hours with brookstone ear buds, on my iPhone which was set to like volume 2. Maybe I’m just tired, as I sometimes get ringing in my ears when tired but I thought maybe it’s related to the subs since I just took out my earphones about 15 mins ago. Grateful if anyone has advice, thank you.


Thanks for the recommendation, I grabbed it on Kindle.

So I spent the afternoon with the kids at Bounce Magic, which allowed me to sit with pen and paper and try to write out some more concrete plans with legit achievements to target. Here’s where my overwhelm comes in…apparently I’ve been hoarding books, courses and resources for years related to Fitness, Psychology, Mind expansion, eBusiness, Writing and Music. I estimate I’ve spent over USD $50k in the last ten years on this stuff, and I’ve barely cracked any of them open, much less put them to work. That makes me absolutely ill. If I’d put that $50k into the stock market over the last ten years, or even bitcoin, well shyt I’d be in a much better spot financially, at least. So I’m beating myself up over it, and of course I’m living sunken cost fallacy and refuse to get rid of the terabyte’s worth of data.

Even in the last week, prior to me settling in to SubClub yesterday, I spent about $500 on subs from four other competitors. I hadn’t even tried a couple of them yet. And this is just one example. I have a virtual library over the last twelve months of nearly every kind of workout regimen out there from HIIT to 5/3/1 weightlifting, dozens of CrossFit and gymnastics courses and books, kettlebells, Indian clubs, mace workouts…I could go on for paragraphs.

I’m a serial searcher, and I never truly give anything a chance to work.

I vacillate between wanting to toss everything out and starting over (though I know I will just accumulate again) to promising myself that the answers are in there and that I MUST go through them all.

This is all to say that when I sit down to plan what I want, I have no freakin’ idea where to start.

…and so I spend my weekends planning. Weekend after weekend. Then I look at how there’s just too much to do and how I can’t fit it in with my family and my day job, and so each day looks a lot like the last…nothing changes.

I’m going to post my writing plan shortly and even after spending hours building it, then whittling it down, it still looks like way too much prep work.

…just venting, sorry, but it’s moments like this where I really feel like my brain is broken.


Recognize that this is a fear of failure response. Basically, you believe that if you’re not well-prepared enough, you’re going to “do it wrong,” or make a mistake. But, that’s the thing. Mistakes shape you just as much as success. I’ve made quite a few mistakes in my life, and every last one of them helped me become a better person, WHEN I used them as an opportunity to learn. When it comes to any goal that you’re trying to achieve, just sit down and start working at them.

For example, if you’re writing a book, and you’ve got writer’s block, just sit down and start writing ANYTHING. It could be a journal entry about the day, or maybe a story unrelated to the one you want to write. For years, I wanted to lift weights, but was SO terrified of “doing it wrong” and looking stupid in the process. Finally, one day, I just signed up for Planet Fitness and went in and started doing a basic 5 x 5 set. Didn’t know wtf I was doing – I just semi isolated muscle groups. Guess what happened? I started seeing results. From there, I began to slowly educate myself and try more. A year later, I’m completely good and have a number of routines that work for me.

Don’t ever be afraid to fail.


Grateful for the thoughtful comment, @SaintSovereign.

Here is the aforementioned Writing Plan. It is bulky, and this is after cutting out several dozen books and courses on plotting, character arcs, marketing, etc. This also appears to just be fiction. I have many ideas in my head for Non-Fiction books, but until I can reliably walk the walk, I’m not touching them.

The goal is to build up a Writing Business that has multiple streams of income. There is the Steemit model, where one can potentially earn cryptocurrency by their writing contributions to the platform. Then there is the Wattpad to Patreon model, or for that matter the Medium to Patreon model, which is releasing fiction on those platforms and driving people to support you on Patreon. And then there is the traditional method of releasing books on Amazon Kindle, and later going wide to other online book shops. I actually wrote that in order of likely least lucrative to most lucrative.

I don’t make any goals for sales, because I can’t control the market, nor do I know if I’m any good at story craft. However, I do know that I can’t consider making the jump to full time till I have the house paid off, I have at least a year of expenses in savings, and I am reliably making at least $10K a month between the writing and the music. I am aware that, in the current market for writers, this may never happen. Unfortunately my job provides 100% of the budget money for my family of five and also covers health insurance.

Start Writing UF Fiction daily, starting tonight (pre-written plots that can go up on Wattpad)

Start Reading UF Fiction, daily, starting tonight

Research Genres with K-Lytics Reports on Urban Fantasy (2018), and SciFi/Fantasy

Purchase 2019 K-Lytics Report on SciFi Fantasy and review (80 pages and 1 hr of video)

Take Mike Nielsen’s Short Fiction Mastery (30 Day drip-fed course)

Go through Nick Stephenson’s 1st 10k Readers - for structuring the business right, at the beginning, before I go too far down the wrong path.

Hang out at 20Books50K FB Page - networking with other authors, who are also potential readers and influencers

Story Engines review - start plotting full novel.

Study Steemit as a platform for Fiction:

  • Paul Coleman’s Post and Profit Royalties

  • Also read Make Money Writing on the Steem Blockchain

Read/watch vids on releasing fiction on Medium (rob howard)

Read/ watch vids on the Wattpad to Patreon model (rob howard)

  • Also read The Writer’s Guide to Wattpad

If I can use the same content, I will post on Steemit, Medium and Wattpad, linking to Patreon. If I cannot use the same content everywhere, then I am choosing Wattpad to Patreon model.

  • This serves the purpose of improving my writing and building a following prior to the launch of my first novel. Patreon provides a way to make some monthly income from writing. Much depends on the ability to convert readers into buyers from Wattpad/Medium and Steemit.

Read AMS Ads book

Read Help My Facebook Ads Suck

Mark Dawson Courses (These can be dripfed while I am writing the novel and continuing to release short stories)

  • Watch Mark Dawson’s FB Ads for Authors

  • Watch Dawson’s YouTube Ads for Authors

  • Watch Dawson’s AMS Ads for Authors

  • Watch Dawson’s Ads For Authors

  • Watch Dawson’s Bookbub Ads for Authors

  • Watch Dawson’s Simpler, Better Ads for Authors

  • Watch Dawson’s Ads Design for Authors

  • Watch Dawson’s Instagram Ads for Authors

Newsletter set up on Aweber

  • Write an exclusive Freebie for giveaway to entice readers to subscribe to newsletter

  • Re-read Kindle Reader Army

Set up Author Website

Set up various platforms based on what resonates from the Mark Dawson courses

Run the completed novel through Story Grid

Pro Editing - find and hire an editor for the book.

  • Run the book through Grammarly and Autocrit before the editor gets it.

Pro Cover - Hire a cover artist

*Publish Novel into Kindle Unlimited

Use the Freebie Sites from KDROI (Wesley)

Start Using Amazon ads

Decide whether to use FB Ads

Start writing 2nd novel.

Continue short stories, one a week for Medium/Wattpad/Steemit

Continue marketing

*There are considerable advantages to waiting till one has three novels ready to go before publishing any of them. Readers will be more invested if they see that you write and release frequently. The problem for me is that I’m concerned it will take me a year to write three novels, and I’ll be no further ahead, a year from now.


Wow that’s a LOT of stuff on your list right here. Warning, tough love ahead…
I feel the overwhelm even just by looking at the number of lines! :sweat_smile:

I think the only line here that will bring you closer to your goal (no offense) is the first one.

All this planning exercise was in vain as long as you haven’t started writing the first word, sentence, paragraph, page, chapter of that first book.
Let’s be real here. Your first works WILL suck. No matter the number of courses, YT videos, ebooks, etc.
This post probably took you at least 20 mins to write. You could have written two paragraphs of your story in the same time :slight_smile:
Would you accept a small challenge? In one of your next posts, it would be great to have a first draft of the first few paragraphs of your upcoming story :slight_smile:
They won’t be perfect, but they don’t have to be, and will be better than nothing!


Behold, THE SUCK!

I had to vanish in order to find myself…
Late Friday evening and I was in the lab, working on my pet project. The yellow liquid bubbled in the beaker as I crushed moldavite into powder and mixed it with goats milk to make a pumice. Late nights were the only time I had to work on my own stuff. My day job of developing undetectable alchemical compositions to make certain foods more irresistable to consumers kept me employed, at the expense of my soul and my scruples.
I scraped the pumice into the beaker and then set my watch for nine minutes.
Stepping away from the lab table, I went to my desk and sat down. Looking into my scrying mirror I could see my reflection. Bags under my eyes, five days stubble gracing my face, my long hair spread wildly about. I was looking gaunt, not favorable to my Viking heritage. I made a mental note to get back to the gym once things calmed down.
A female face appeared in the mirror, reflecting just behind me. She smiled and then morphed into a dog.
Crowley, my rotweiller familiar, sidled over and put her head on my lap, the international animal sign for, “Pet me.” She can speak but only I hear, at least when she is manifesting as a dog. She can also show human form, for short periods of time.
_“You need rest,” she said. _
“I’m close, Crowley. If I rest, I won’t finish before they let me go.” I met her concerned gaze, “We need the money.”
“It won’t matter if you end up in the hospital with exhaustion.”
_Cutbacks. A reality in Corporate America. I’d been hearing the rumors and knew it was just a matter of time. Perfecting this formula was side money for me. _
_I caressed the Rune that draped over my leg from her collar. (Tk - insert Viking rune lore) How I’d fallen so far away from my heritage, I will never know. _
_There was a knock on the door, “Silas?” _
It was Maria, another alchemist who also helped with some administrative things that the rest of us were utterly incompetent at.
_“Time to go, Crowley.” She slowly went invisible and my thoughts went back to my experiment. _
I’d nearly forgotten about Maria when I heard the door knob turn and the door open.
_I smiled as I stood up and checked my watch. Six more minutes. _
Maria walked through the door but she wasn’t alone. I should have sensed the magick before hand. I really was getting tired. Off my game.
The man that walked in was tall and ghastly thin, gray at his temples, seemingly of middle-eastern descent. The magickal aura that emanated from him was extremely powerful.


I liked this excerpt.

Quick note:

I’ve written 2 novels and nine screenplays (hold bachelor’s and master’s degrees in creative writing). The best writing method I’ve ever encountered is called the “Shitty First Draft” method. With the SFD method, you just sit down and write. It doesn’t matter how terrible it is, because the SFD is sacred – NO ONE but yourself will read it. Once you’ve written an entire draft using SFD, you begin to slowly edit what you’ve written until you like it.


Liked it so far :+1:

“Shitty First Draft” method

Is that really a method that someone patented lol?
That’s how I’ve been writing all my life haha! Done is better than perfect or whatever the saying goes?


“Perfect is the enemy of done.”

I tell my one son this statement nearly every day as he often misses deadlines with his school work.


I dunno if it was patented, but it’s the method I was taught in grad school.


Ok, since I’ve now bought everything on the site that’s not related to Game or Muay Thai, I’m experimenting with the following stack. I have to be a bit careful as I have three young children in the house, so I play the Ultrasonic in my office while working, and then also overnight while I sleep, so a good 16-17 hours a day. The wife obviously hears it while sleeping, but she knows I am playing subs.

Beyond Limitless 1 - 2x in the morning depending on how much time alone I have.

Emperor Ex
Aura X
Godlike Masculinity
Limitless X
Emperor Ex
Limit Destroyer

Happy to accept constructive criticisms on my order/number of subs.

Of note, thanks to @Yardbird’s journal, yet again, I picked up a copy of the Five Tibetan Rites. Not the same as the one he’d linked, because that one is out of print, but I instead grabbed The Eye of Revelation as edited by JW Watt.

I have some experience in the past, maybe 15-20 years ago, doing the Rites, and I recall feeling terrific on them. Been feeling so poorly for so many years, now, that I’m happy to have stumbled upon them again. Also, am trying the butter trick from the book to see if I can grow my hair back…


I would change it up to emperor v2 since emperor ex is past version


Interesting, wondering why it came in the pack? I just purchased Emperor four days ago. Thank you for your feedback.


It was in the pack for Emperor (v1). It was a experimental version for Emperor (v1). We can call it Emperor (v1) Extreme.

Emperor (v2) is the upgraded one. Upgrade came quite far later. I was jumping between the Emperor (v1) and Emperor (v1) Extreme and when Emperor (v2) came out, found quite an upgrade in strength for v2 over v1 Extreme. Plus, easier to handle myself on v2.

I would actually love it if the file names were Emperor (v1) Ultrasonic, Emperor (v1) Masked, Emperor (v1) Extreme, Emperor (v2) Ultrasonic… Easier to recognize and pretty self explanatory.


I can’t wait for emperor v3 hopefully soon in the next month when they upgrade everything to primal tech v2. Plus it will be awesome to have the ultrasonic and masked both at 40 mins to get more listening time in.


I owe an update, for sure, I’ve been delinquent. So a couple areas of my life are improving dramatically, but I am still have resistance in a couple areas of my life that I want to improve.

At work, I just started a new position in October. It’s managing a portfolio of projects, basically. The rest of my team is in a completely different city and State from me, so I often feel a little left out in the cold, so to speak. I also work most days from home, except for one day last week where I decide to go in. To my surprise my Manager’s Manager is sitting next to me. Apparently he came to town but I had no idea.

First thing he greets me warmly and says he needs to speak to me. I figure, fuck, I’m fired. Most of my projects involve finding efficiencies and then people get let go once the new processes/systems are implemented. We are cutting everywhere because stakeholders love seeing cost cutting.

Anyway, we go to a conference room and he proceeds to tell me that he foresees me taking over for my boss in the next 12 months and that the three of us need to start working on his succession plan. So, I’m not being fired, and in fact, they want to move me up, after 3 months and change on the job. I’m already a VP, and I thought I would top out here, but sounds like they want to push for me to be SVP.

The other thing I noticed is that my Manager’s manager seem to cower in his chair in front of me, like sinking away, or deferring to my perceived superiority. I feel that Emperor is the catalyst for this.

To be continued…


The other part of my life that just has been crushing it lately are my workouts. I do Crossfit, because I enjoy the heck out of it. I fully understand the detractors, it is not the healthiest or safest method for working out to be sure.

I’m in my mid 40’s and for most of my 20’s, all of my 30’s and first couple years of my 40’s, I didn’t do much of any physical activity. No surprise that my weight started to go up, my energy levels down, etc.

I’ve been doing CF for 2 years now, just entering my 3rd. Those first two years were hardly impressive. I would finish last or next to last in most workouts. I’d get hurt a lot, take long periods to recover, etc. Something changed in the last month.

I’ve been crushing my workouts lately, and people are noticing. I’m able to go 5-6 days in a row with no problem. This morning I did a double. A guy about my age came up to me today and said that I’ve been really doing great and that he feels that I am the bar that he wants to get to.

I’ve also joined a team of 4 for an upcoming competition in April, and they defer to me to organize, captain, and determine what we work on during a given training session.

So I think Empire and Limitless, again are helping, here.

The only issue I’m having is that I don’t really feel like I’m moving forward on the actual Empire part. I’m not writing novels, I’m not writing and recording new music. My mind is pushing me heavily to go paint the bathroom right now instead of work on something artistic. It’s beginning to occur to me that maybe I really don’t want to be a writer? And I’m wrestling with that.

Another weird thing that’s happened over the last few days. I tend to just buy books when I see a recommendation or something looks interesting. As a result, I end up over time with like 100-150 books in queue that I haven’t read, and the psychological effect that has on me is profound. I feel extreme overwhelm. And this has been an issue for me for ALL of my adult life.

I took a look at them a couple days ago and they all of a sudden seemed like extremely unimportant to me, such that I took them down to the library for donation and have kept 3 that I am working on now, basically, Eye of Revelation, Damon Brand’s Mystical Words of Power, and Save the Cat Writes a Novel. I felt like the books couldn’t give me anything that I couldn’t also get from the Subs.

The first two books I am working through the rituals every day, the latter I hope will give me the framework and confidence to write. Hoping to start fresh, with nothing in queue.