Om kleem mantra


currently…I am using primal seduction and rebirth…if I add om kleem mantra to the playlist…will it be conflicting ?or will it boost the effect ?


I think it is hard to know. I do mantra meditation and will do repetitions while listening to my subliminals, just like I carry out pretty much all the activities in my day to day life while listening. They are playing 24/7 on speakers in my home. I doubt any of my activities have a major detrimental effect on sub efficacy.


appreciate your thoughts…guess I have to find it out myself…once again thank you


Mantras have a subliminal aspect to them. They affect the quality of your mind state, but they also affect the content of your mind.

I think that whether or not they conflict is a question of how the ‘Om Kleem’ mantra impacts your mind particularly. Do you find any attitudes, mind states, or thoughts/perceptions more common in you when you are engaged in that ‘Om Kleem’ mantra practice?

Try to think of what types of changes that practice causes in you and then contrast that with the goals of the subliminals. My first guess would be that the mantra practice would work well with ‘Rebirth’ in particular. Primal Seduction you can just check and see in your experience. It will be a good experiment.

Mantras, in general, could get you into a more relaxed, receptive trance state in which the messages of the subliminals could more readily come into your mind.

If you find anything interesting, please share! Good luck.


thanks…I will definitely experiment on it…I saw it on other forum…some one had mixed it with subliminal and seen that the manifestation aspect had increased…I will share my results later if anything special comes up…