Old titles are stronger than Q?


Dear @SaintSovereign and @fire,
I was wondering my results with previous Emperor V2, AM V1 vs the New Q Technology Titles. What could be the reason why the old titles look to have stronger response on me than the new Q technology?
It is somehow the use of one voice vs multiples voices saying the scripts? I’m not English native speaker, so, maybe to my subconscious is harder to keep with multiple voices and extract a meaningful suggestion.:thinking:
I know that it’s a subjective impression but seems to be true on me. I read similar claim from Elme regarding Sex Mastery X2-Q.
Thanks for your insight.


Ya’ll running too many loops. It’s that simple. I run four loops of my new personal sub every two days. No one had any problems with Emperor Q, that was obvious during the test. We update the subs to the new format and suddenly there’s a rash of people claiming they’re not getting results – that is, except everyone taking it easy and running 1 or 2 loops a day of their stack.

We’ve even seen reports of people claiming they’re getting opposite results, meaning they’re getting LESS than the baseline. Most of the people who have been here for awhile should recognize that this is textbook reconciliation and a signal to pull back a bit.

Once again, with Q, processing time is necessary.

A re-beginner looking for advice

yeah i guess, this is the case, limitting it to 1-2 loop a day for a sufficient time should allow the results to take place… since 1 loop of Q = 5-6 loops of normal titles

ive had more results on EMP4 not Q, but then as Saint mentioned, the overloops slows down the effect due to lack of processing time.


@SaintSovereign waiting for the new instruction manual on how to run the new Q titles. Btw, i have already run 1-2 loops of EMP Q for 2 weeks now. So I can increase the loops now? when is the ideal time to increase it please explain.


What power level is it? Q? Terminus? Terminus^2?


same here.

ive kept it mild, sticking only to 2 hours of masked.


Look at the linked post in my first response. A summary of the new instructions are there. I cannot tell you exactly when to add more, everyone is different.


It’s just Q.


Give me Terminus I want the Power !!


So if Q and Terminus titles are so strong say 1-2 loops so dose that change the number or programs that can be run at a time then. Is stack of 3-4 programs still possible then? Or is 1 or 2 the max now?


He said they’ll probably end up recommending 2, but he still wants people to feel free to experiment for now:


Also if one q loops is like 6 normal how would the multistage q titles calculate. going to have to do some check out the new usage rate. Going to have to do some serious calculus to figure out the the rates


I saw somewhere that the Multistage Q are 3x stronger then their predecessors.


so would that mean 1 loop of khan q or EOG q would equal 15-18 hours of pre-q if mogul q etc would be 5-6 hours.

Terminus 1 is x 3 normal q which would also be 15-18 hours pre-q

terminus~2 x4? would be 20-24 hours pre-q


I wonder if you could create and sell a “dummy file” with the bubbling brook sound and volume matched to the other masked titles? That would be useful to create gaps in playlists.

I guess a silent track to use as a spacer between ultrasonic titles in a playlist could be useful, too.

I think for those of us practicing “set it and forget it” this would be very beneficial.

My thing is that I don’t want to need to schedule and pay attention to starting and stopping tracks. I really like getting a playlist looping and forgetting about it.


“SubClub Accessories” :thinking:


Keep in mind that all those equations about how much more T or T² is are mainly indications after some initial tests. Just how in the beginning, we thought you could run Q 24/7, only to find out results became more profound if you gave your mind a recovery period. In practice all that “T = 3x” and “T² = Yikes!” may not work at all.

Another thing may be that T/T² on one sub has a different effect when done on another sub. With Stark, T seems to be effective. Does that mean the same will happen on Emperor? Maybe not. And then suddenly people start asking why the older version worked better.

Saint already indicated that in the case of the power levels, it is not entirely certain yet how they work. And as far as Q standard goes, less turns out to be more.

When I first ran a new Q title, I was jumping like a toddler on Red Bull. I wanted, NEEDED more loops. So like that toddler, I kept nagging Saint to advice me to run more loops. Which he didn’t. So I forced myself to keep to that “measly little loop”.

But after a week or so I began quoting parts of the script to Saint.

I didn’t know, of course, I kept complaining I didn’t feel a thing. And when he asked me if anything changed, I started telling him all kinds of weird things that to me had little to do with the sub. And he laughed and told me: “That’s in the script.”

So, Q is different. Maybe you won’t see fast results, maybe they sneak up on you. Maybe you shouldn’t listen all day but instead listen to the masked or so during a time when you’re nice and relaxed. I listened during the day for a long while before I tried one loop out at night. It hit me like a hammer.

We simply don’t know. We’re still figuring it out. Everybody (or should I say everymind) is different.

We know it works, we know that for certain. Now we need you guys to help us figure out HOW it works. Follow the guidelines for a while, even if it makes you itching for more like a toddler on Red Bull. Let’s see what happens.

And remember to take action. Action is your way of telling the sub you’re using what it is telling you and you want more.