Okay To Play Ultrasonic at max Volume through Pants?


I’ve been trying to get as much listening time as possible so I’ll just play Ultrasonic subliminals on max at work through my pants. Will it work?


If you have another device (or borrow one) use it to check the volume level with frequensee.


I agree. No matter the volume, still keep an eye out. Ultras have more difficulty passing through objects, but… Always measure.

Some of you may know by now that I always use headphones or earbuds, even when listening ultrasonics. Earlier this week my Windows figured I had waited long enough and it upgraded itself to the latest build. Afterwards, after sorting through the mess, I put the ultras back on and I got annoyed since they got distortions. It used to be that in complete silence, I could hear an occasional click-like sound that is most likely the voice that is just out of range.

But this time, the sound was constantly clicking.

So I got really ticked off, thinking Windows had destroyed my sound card driver. Which is when I opened the volume options and realized the system volume had been reset to the default by the update, going from 50% to 80%. Which made the ultrasonics a whole lot louder. Oops.

To point of the story? Always measure!


if you listen to the ultrasonics at work without headphones/earbuds, wouldn’t coworkers hear it when in your vicinity?


if your speaker gives out a static noise or your colleagues have a really good hearing than yes it is possible but you can just say you don’t hear anything and make them think they’re hallucinating.


I just meant if they are in the vicinity, wouldn’t that be programming their unconscious without their knowledge?


Yeah it would if they are repeatedly exposed for longer periods. But as you can see it on many journals for some people it takes less time to see changes happening to them and for others it takes quite a while.

If you have your own working desk I wouldn’t worry to much. If you work with someone you can just lie/ ask them if they are interested ( most people will think you’re crazy) or you can switch to masked version so only you will get exposure.


I think you shouldnt play subliminals if other people can listen them because they are getting affected


That’s how I play mine when I’m on the go and don’t feel like listening to masked.

as Dark Philosopher said, check the sound level with a second phone at your ear level (without a case/cover so the measurement is most accurate)


Don’t lie.


I really don’t like exposing other myself, another reason why I always have headgear.

At a company I used to work a colleague asked me to try on my new headphones. He almost immediately took them off and told me they were broken because there was a high pitched sound coming from them. I complimented him on his hearing.