Official SubTMW Cup - May 2020 - Vote in Progress


That moment when the Q store goes down just as you are about to complete your payment because too many people are on it simultaneously on Launch Day and CloudFlare thinks its a DoS attack. :wink:


That moment when the Q store opens and there is a PE module.


That moment when you know that a PE module is officially coming but it is not what @DarkPhilosopher is referring to.


That moment when you think you shouldn’t be saying the P-word everywhere, knowing full well somebody will get you for it.

Yes, I’m sure there is a Physical Exercise module coming (too). :slight_smile:


The moment when it is also not a Physical Exercise module one is talking about

Okay I will stop this now :smile:


That moment when SaintSovereign is dropping hints of new Q modules and you get so excited you can barely wait for the launch


You could wait before then? :wink:

That moment when you realize the sun was still up when you figured you’d answer a few posts on this forum.


That moment when it turns out the PE module works a little too well…

That moment when SubClub releases its ultimate, ultimate masculinity subliminal to the masses…


The moment when Saint announced that Mind’s Eye would be ready during the weekend.

Official SubMemes Cup - May 2020 - Vote in Progress

That moment when I figure out what was supposed to be in that third box before friday overlayed it with SMX.


That moment when DarkPhilosopher finds out what the other PE stands for :wink:


That moment when you are improving yourself while the rest of the world is going crazy in quarantine


That moment when Saint figures he no longer needs any healing subs since he has nothing left to heal.


That moment when you start to see the first profound results of running Terminus


The moment when Q-store is officially declared open.


Official SubMemes Cup - May 2020 - Vote in Progress

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That moment when you realize that today could be the day that the Q-store gets released.


The first official voting starts now, and will last until tomorrow. Vote for your favorite contributor to the SubTMW Cup, and the top 3 will receive rewards.

Good luck.

  • DarkPhilosopher
  • Valygar
  • lowrider
  • raphael
  • mecharc
  • friday
  • Matt
  • Simon
  • Fractal
  • the-goat
  • bujin
  • Harshit_mittal
  • d1gz
  • IcyDreaming
  • FireInTheSoul
  • NewLease
  • khan
  • King
  • Malkuth

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That moment when you never thought that you even have a CHANCE to get voted for


That moment when all the prizes have been handed out. :wink:

Congratulations to all the winners.