Official Listening Recommendations for Stacks?


I know it’s a difficult time for you since you’re moving elsewhere but we’ve been waiting for it sooo long. Please, help :slight_smile: I’m particularly interested in stacking Ultima with Terminus.


bro I’m looking forward to it too, but it will come out when it’s ready. Although I’m dying to read the article and try the executive, I trust Saint. When it is perfect and ready, it will be published.


Please don’t make threads that seem like official updates.

The recommendations will come out in the next week/2 weeks max.


Sorry for that. It will never happen again.

Thank you for your answer.


@Voytek - for the time being just follow your intuition.

Since there is a Terminus involved, i would recommend playing it Monday, Wednesday, Friday starting with one loop and then increasing it when you feel no reconciliation.

Follow this until the official manual comes out.


I listen to it every other day, 2 loops but was wondering about adding Libertine to it. I would like to know how to stack it well.


Libertine Ultima you can listen to before you go out or want to talk to someone who you are attracted to. Or you could make it part of your stack too and listen to it along with your Terminus sub.

Ultima titles give you a shorter but powerful boost compared to the other titles that take longer but are permanent. So it’s best to use Ultima before you need it.


My guess is that since you shouldn’t be listening more than one-third of the day and you’ll want to have at least a few loops of the sub, that once you get 4 or more subs in your stack (maybe even 3 or more) that you split your stack into alternate days. Like how someone in the gym has a leg day and a chest day, you could run some subs in your stack on day 1 and some on day 2 and keep alternating. Take at least one day off.

Like I said, it’s my guess. I really still want to listen as much as I can. But it’s almost like the subs have scripting in there that they don’t want to be listened to all the the time, since I keep finding reasons to stop listening after a while. Guess the subs like their privacy. :slight_smile:

As for combining Ultima with Terminus, since Ultima titles are boosters, they work quite well in combination with the other titles. You should probably not put them in a stack that’s on repeat. Instead, listen to the Ultima title first one or two loops, then start playing the rest of your stack and no more Ultima.


It’s been a long time!


Time is relative. Or doesn’t exist. Depends on who you ask.

Saint was testing out his new home theater setup by watching a Marvel Cinematic Universe marathon and lost track of it completely. :wink:


Hahaha, my god, I sense upcoming title related to certain archetypes :joy::joy: