Ocean masked subliminals


Any plans to make ocean masked subliminals or just anything more soothing, bird sounds, rain sounds, thunderstorm, that can be listened to while sleeping or as background while having a chat?


Multiple Masks

Hopefully this helps. This was a while ago so I’m assuming this is something they’re still currently working on.

Not sure if it’s just for customs or for the main store. Hopefully I’ve got the right thing for you.


That would be nice though. Ocean, soft fire etc.

I hope they would add this option for majors as well.


I’m sure it’s something they’re definitely working on. I for one love the ocean sounds though, me and my boyfriend have a great sleep on those sounds.

I wonder other sounds could be used.


Yeah I wonder as well. I like calm sounds, nothing too loud and easy to listen to without getting tiresome. Very soft water sounds, ocean, or gentle crackling fire wood or something like that, perhaps a very low volume piano in the background, like the ones you hear from fancy hotel lobbies.

Anyway it’s just my wishlist.