NOTICE: We're looking for a LEGIT source for pheromones


We’re looking to reproduce a pheromone mix that I devised once upon a time that performed EXCEPTIONALLY well. So well that I named it the “Kilgrave Mixture,” named after the Jessica Jones character.

I had a tiny amount left and gave it to a tester who was also running Primal. His results… are near unbelievable. We’re debating making a limited run of PRIMAL the Pheromone, but our leads are not panning out. If you have a source, or know of a source that can produce a pheromone mix (preferably a chemist, not other pheromone companies selling individual molecules – UNLESS they can produce a custom mix and allow us to white label), hit me up.



01-23-19 @ 4:10 PM
I for one can send you a sample of the mix I’ve been working on for some time, so you can test it out yourself and see/report back on the results you get with it.


Any updates on this? I know you’re busy as heck sorting out what needs to be sorted, but I’m curious!


We found a source, but the minimum order was crazy high AND shipping to the US would’ve been atrocious with not only the price, but customs getting involved. We’re still looking, so if anyone has a source, hit us up.

#5 is a phenomenal US company with amazing customer support and company values. They also have a separate site for their forum at

I’m not sure about them acting as a supplier, but it would be worth reaching out to them (Stephen Osborn).


Yes, I’m a fan of Pheromone XS. I had a blast with their products back in my single days. Unfortunately, we’ve already reached out and that’s not a service they provide.


Have you tried They say they do custom Oreganic synthesis, pheromones.


Can you please suggest most potent pheromone. I’m too confused.