NOTICE: "Trading Subs" and "Group Buys" are NOT Allowed


I’ve received complaints from a number of users that others are attempting to “trade subliminals” or engage in a “group buy” of our titles. Cut it out. We believe we provide an incredible value for the price, and we’re trying to build an accessible self-development platform for every person to benefit from. It’s bad enough to steal value, even worse to disrespect us by doing it on our own forum.

The main culprit has received a lifetime ban from both SubResults and SubClub. To those of you who refused this individual’s “offer,” and/or reported him, thank you. We really appreciate it. To those of you that engaged in this behavior, consider yourself warned. We’re not hunting down people right now because we simply do not have enough time, but if we come across anyone doing this, consider yourself blacklisted.