NOTICE: Subliminal Trading, Solicitation of Members, Tampering


With the rising numbers and the incredible results our customers have experienced, there has been an influx of people trying to solicit members to trade subliminals, as well as greater and greater piracy.

@SaintSovereign and I put incredible care into building each subliminal, each taking weeks and months of research, preparation, building, etc., and then providing them for a price that is affordable to all. We do this in order to allow every individual the opportunity to build and develop their potential to the highest levels.

Sadly, we have seen great misuse of our subliminals - we know for certain that most, if not all of these pirated/traded subliminals have been tampered with, and we saw these… “attempts” with our own eyes.

For the sake of our customers, we cannot simply ignore this, but we also cannot decide for you - the decision to run these tampered subliminals is fully on you.

Know that we cannot guarantee results with these tampered subliminals, and you could be either wasting your time or causing harm to your mind by listening to such subliminals. The only source of our subliminals that are guaranteed to work perfectly and as intended is our website, i.e

What we can and will do to protect our customers and our business is taking a hard stance on trading and solicitation. We will be banning permanently (both from the forums and from future purchases) any such attempts.

We would like to thank all members that have been loyal customers all this time and appreciated the work put in. Those who were not, I want to leave with something to think about - creating value and giving value is what drives your self-development, by only taking you’re simply going in the opposite direction of your potential as a powerful man.

We might have to resort to stricter piracy and trading measures that would also protect the customer’s mind from any tamperings.

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There are alot of private sites out there sharing products for download through torrents.

I would recommend implementing some kind of antipiracy measure, because its not fair on you guys and your customers who buy your products with their hard earned cash.


I remember whole threads on Shannon’s site dedicated to it. When he shared the most widely used version of his prevention-script, I found it was ambiguous enough to be applicable to literally everything out there, sub and non-sub alike. Talk about failing to protect the customer’s mind.


IMO trading subliminals should be fair game. I honestly think the Devs should even encourage it and create a system for trading subliminals. Probably doesn’t sound like the best option short term, but its a long term strategy. Just like letting your friend borrow a good book.


The medium is too easy to abuse. Imagine that your good book came in PDF format. Would you actually give him the PDF while removing it from your drive (letting them borrow it) or would you simply copy it to the nearest available USB stick and give that to him (duplicating it)?

No, the best possible way to avoid excessive file-sharing (there’s always going to be some, that’s healthy) is what they are already doing. Keeping the prices reasonable and the files DRM free. Just like Apple and its competitors discovered when digital music stores just started out.

However, to avoid the risk of tampering, I wonder: can MP3 files be digitally signed? If not, one could provide a hash with the files.

EDIT: Not that I’m trying to get the last word in, but maybe locking the thread before it turns into one of those threads would be best?


No, it’s not — I’m not going to get sucked into a long debate over why, because the decision has already been vetted and made.

We don’t have anti-piracy scripting, our prices are exceptionally reasonable and sustainable, and we have an iron clad, no questions asked 30 day refund policy. There’s no real reason to “trade subliminals” other than an attempt to leech value from the company.

We won’t be spending any time developing any sort of mechanism to enable it.