NOTICE: Scaaawwwy Stowwwies on the Web!


I’ve had multiple people contact me today regarding a bad piece of fan fiction not even worthy to go in one of those old “Goosebumps” novels about an individual claiming to have “encountered entities” as a result of our subliminals. Seriously, this thing reads worse than a creepypasta.

I’m reluctant to blame this on a paid shill trying to discredit what we’re building, because I’d like to believe that our competition is more mature than this. Others have messaged me suggesting that the party in question suffers from mental illness. Again, I’m not going to go THAT route because I don’t know who this person is and won’t just write off the fact that they have experienced what they believe is real trauma.

However, when you read this person’s narrative, you’ll see a common thread: Both “encounters” occurred within vivid, lucid dreams, the first occurring the night after running one of our subliminals for the first time.

Gents: Most of us have experience with using subliminals. What’s the FIRST, most PROMINENT and most COMMON effect of using subliminals, especially when you have lots of issues to process? Vivid dreams.

My interpretation of the dream? This individual has such a deep seated fear of change that their mind literally attacked their dream form in an attempt to stop subliminal use. And this individual ignored the warnings that Emperor is NOT a beginner’s subliminal, that if you have deep issues, start with Ascension or Ascended Mogul, and ran it anyway.

Emperor in particular, has scripting that will literally tell you subconscious that you are in complete control of your personal universe and the laws within it. If your subconscious is not ready, how do you think it’ll respond to that? Answer: It’ll manifest “entities” in your dreams to prove to you otherwise.

There are no religious messages in our products. Those correspondences and images are being conjured by your own psyche. We’ve sold over 2500 subliminals in six months and no one has ever reported anything like this before. Just as I said the other day, I like helping people. I like helping people make money. I like making money myself. None of that will happen if we’re making products that don’t work, or has stupid stuff to hurt people in it.

As for those wondering if @Fire and I are familiar with occult disciplines:

Who tried to hide it? There’s a post here where someone asked who has studied it and I openly admit it. I study Christianity, Hermeticism, Thelema, Zoroastrianism, Qabbalah, Hinduism, Buddhism. Contrary to what’s being said, the only experience I have with “Voodoo” is the pheromone from Liquid Alchemy Labs, which pairs well with Primal. I also study psychology and now hypnotherapy. I study old religious and spiritual beliefs because there are common threads between them, and it gives an insight into the primal mind. My forum avatar is the symbol for mental alchemy.

But, none of that is in any of our titles, because that would make them less effective. And less effective means worse results and less revenue. Every title except the upcoming Alchemist subliminals.

Yes – we’re making both a left hand path and right hand path version, because we don’t judge how you want to live your life. AND, we announced that up front. AND the plan was to slap religious warnings all over it. So, the Internet sleuths can chill out trying to pretend like we hid our extensive knowledge of world spiritual beliefs.

There’s a lot of things you can do with your day. Build a business. Hell, if that’s too hard, build a treehouse. Write a song. Sing your favorite song to someone you love. Do something other than try to tear down someone else’s hard work.


Really sad that that person’s post got so much traction that you had to respond to it. Keep up the great work!


Yes, I was actually really reluctant to even respond to the nonsense, because we’re essentially giving them what they want – attention. In the time it took for 'em to write up that nonsense, they could’ve registered a domain, web hosting and started hunting down affiliate offers to promote.


I’m glad I read this. I’ve been on Ascension for about 3 weeks, and desiring some internal “umph”, I put on Emperor v. 2 last night, and have been running it the last 24 hours. I’ve been pissy today with 2 female traders I work with, and I’ve been considering terminating one of them due to…me feeling out of control of the situation. I just wasn’t content today. Productive, yes; content, no.

What caught my attention is how one with emotional garbage can badly misinterpret a sub’s messages, essentially reading really, really bad things into a situation. I returned to Ascension, Rebirth, and GLM since it works on core issues vs. focusing on much bigger challenges. I appreciate this writeup @SaintSovereign. Ascension is working on stuff I’ve needed for years, so I’m back on it. One. Step. At. A. Time.


Yeah – on one hand, I’m so agitated that I had to deal with this crap today, but on the other hand – I understand. Modern society absolutely tries a man’s soul, so much to the point that you can’t even help yourself without the pain of the past rearing it’s ugly head. If this individual’s story is true, one has to consider exactly how much mental trauma and anguish it takes for your subconscious to rather hold on to that pain than to let go.


I remember a similar experience when I first started meditating with brainwave entrainment and binaural beats. That was 10 years ago. I was using Holosync. Properly used brainwave entrainment tracks will change you for the better. Whether you like it or not.
After just a few meditations sessions, I had a very vivid dream. I saw myself in my apartment, lying on the floor, unable to move despite my strongest efforts. Then I heard a voice saying distinctly : “Holosync will lock you inside your body”.
I used brainwave entrainment for years and became a better person. The subconscious (when it fears change) has ways to show you the scariest things to make you quit.

(@SaintSovereign : please feel free to remove the name of the brainwave entrainment product. I just used it to keep my story accurate).


I’ll give a loud shoutout on that point. Some of my most memorable moments in life happened on subliminals, for they got me out of a dark hole I’d been hiding in for years. I had tried and succeeded holding onto it, so when subs began breaking through, anger came, then fear, and finally tears. I’d held to old beliefs thinking they were crutches for me, when in actuality, they kept me sick. They didn’t go easily, but they did finally go. Letting go was difficult and scary; I just knew I wanted better.

I’ll always encourage emotional healing subliminals. They’re not fun and enjoyable, but I’d go through this again. I finally began to like myself, warts and all. Those experiences were life changing for me.


I hadn’t read that story, but it sounds 100% insane. I’m glad you wrote that Emperor is not a beginner’s subliminal because I forget since I’ve been using subliminals for longer than many of your customers have been alive and any time new customers ask for a recommendation on the forum, I’m always tempted to suggest Emperor but luckily someone else always suggests Ascension or something else.


Yes, since I am exposed to Evolution daily in the subs I use, I need to handle situations of friction constantly. So welcome to the club, @SaintSovereign :smiley:

I’m glad you have addressed this. The problem with rumors and non sense, when it is not addressed, is that taps into people’s fears and imaginations, and it can snowball.

Clarity just cuts this train of thoughts, and so everyone can move onto more productive endeavors.


I’d like to point out that nowhere does it say that Emperor is not a beginner’s subliminal. In fact, not too long ago it was advertised on the front page as a first choice in a way. I myself had to read a good chunk of this forum to come across the information that other programs are recommended before doing Emperor.


Why not add some disclaimer on product page to avoid those situations in the future?


DISCLOSURE! If you see demons of any kind, just know, they’re your demons not ours. :sweat_smile:

Edit: At the moment of posting SYSTEM automatically edits out the quote I have made and posts my comment (already as status Edited) without the quote in it.


:laughing: or another Disclaimer idea: No demons nor demonic energies were used during production of subliminal programs.


And if we’re serious, any kind of demon mentioning is priming for it. I was laughing with friend about this. Like, adding ‘‘No electricutions have happen when people were using this vacuum cleaner’’ when selling it. Or ‘‘Not one person have posioned themselves when using our iPhone’’ :laughing:


I think it’s time for an exorcism subliminal :smile:

@SaintSovereign as your customer base grows, manifestations like this one are going to be inevitable. Resistance and fear can manifest themselves in ugly and disturbing ways.


Apparently accepting personal responsibility isn’t involved in self improvement. Sarcasm heavily implied


Regarding the demon warnings, some people actually use that stuff in subliminals.

Maybe a year back, I was looking for ultrasonic subliminals online, mostly wondering how common they were among subliminal producers, and I found a site from a company which has spent many decades producing and selling ultrasonic subliminals.

I was on that site daily for almost a week, looking through the large catalog. I was fascinated by all the variations and all the many possibilities, and I planned on purchasing some. People writing in had been purchasing them for decades too.

However, a major reason I pulled off their site was the white and black magick used in every single subliminal. I do want my thinking changed and optimized. But I began to feel weird and creeped out by their openness to such alliances to dark forces. I DON’T want me allowing demons into my life, not at all. I know they’re too real, so I avoid them. The spiritual world is very. very real. I just choose a side where I don’t have to live in fear all day. Someone much bigger than I has my back.

And I’ve messaged them here about spiritual influences in their subs. No religious or spiritual training is used in SC subs, so that is why I’m here.

Edit: I was told the upcoming mental alchemy subliminals have some spiritual training in them, but I won’t be using them.


@subliminalguy The spiritual side is very real? Since when?


JCast, I won’t debate about this. They are my beliefs and experiences.


Gents – let’s not go there. Respect each other’s views.