NOTICE: Pirate Downloads, Mixes and Unofficial Mixes


It’s come to our attention that some members are unofficially “mixing” our products together into a single using various audio softwares and sharing them amongst each other. For example, mixing Ascension, Mogul and Emperor into a single audio file. Please keep in mind that our subliminals are made using a carefully balanced process – altering them using any program and DEFINITELY mixing multiple products together using an audio editor will most likely render the subliminal useless. At worst, you could cause some very negative and unintended side effects.

Also, we cannot verify the integrity of any pirated subliminal, or any subliminal purchased from any website other than We have no idea what’s been added or modified. Use at your own risk.

Additionally, please consider that this is a very small, fledgling startup. All of our employees have full-time jobs and lives, and we’re trying to build something amazing that can change people’s lives around the world. Our prices are very affordable, compared to the competition AND the value of the product itself, and we intend to keep our prices affordable so everyone can benefit from this technology – not just the elite / wealthy. We very much value your continued patronage and support as we grow, and we promise we’ll always pass the benefits back to our customers.


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@SaintSovereign the fact that this is even an issue given the affordability of the products makes the whole situation confusing


I’ve read for years about people making subliminal remixes (sometimes even mixing products from different subliminal producers) but they never work, The people who create them make grandiose claims but never get rich, grow the 10 inch dick or get every perfect 10 at the club.

And your products are so inexpensive they give everyone a chance to legitimately try them. It’s not like you’re charging hundreds of dollars per sub.


@Yardbird exactly. Let alone hundreds of dollars for shit that has been in the experimental stages for years


When it comes to audio and video piracy will always exist, it’s unfortunate but in my opinion they’re not better then the actual product.


These subliminals are so affordable why would anyone want to pirate them. People spend more money on drinking on the weekend then the cost of the subs.


Exactly. That’s why we’re focusing more on making amazing products rather than trying to stop pirates.

Right now, we’re not cross referencing forum signups, et. al. with purchases, so if you’ve pirated and you’re receiving benefits, the least you could do is maintain a journal.

But don’t mistake the fact that it’s not our current focus with passivity or toothlessness. If the situation gets out of hand, we’ll take action.


I agree with you on this, I am one who believes that your prices are quite affordable for just about anyone to purchase and try your subs. And with the 30 days no questions asked guarantee, I don’t see why anyone would want to pirate your products.


If you are asking genuinely I can give you some answers. 1st reason would be money. I used to pirate back when I was a student. I had no money and no job, because all of my time and energy went to the university I was attending. So I pirated stuff. Right now I have job, so I buy stuff and manage money, back then I would probably have pirated these subs as well.

2nd reason is ideology. I am a member of one self-development forum, where a couple of guys fiercely believe, that all knowledge should be free and available to everyone.I believe that they buy their courses, because they have no problem with author making money from his product, but they pirated that other guy’s subliminals just because he tried to put anti-piracy protection in it.

Another reason might be, that in some places it might simply be legal and OK. An example would be, Bill Gates said about China “If they are going to pirate their software, it will be our software they pirate.” For those people pirating is just something you do.

There might be countless other individual reasons. When it comes to protection, I believe the best protection would be to make “Mogul Lite”, which would be focused on making quick money and offer it for free like “Try our free subliminal! We guarantee it works. It will make you money to buy our other ones”. Or something like that.


I have pirated a lot of programs in the past…and thankfully. Thankfully because a lot of programs, especially in business that cost thousands of dollars, are not worth $50. My cousin gave me Emperor for my birthday because he knows I’m into this stuff. (God bless him as I’m not sure how he stumbled upon it).

After a week I immediately purchased ascended mogul, sex mastery, and S&S on preorder because I got immediate results.

Pirated mixes never work and in this day and age piracy is the norm but should be taken as a compliment in my opinion. It’s inevitable and like the phrase “all press is good press”.

I’m doing pretty well now and if a product is truly life changing as the copy says I purchase it outright to support the creator.

Sadly, that is very rare in this day and age on the internet. But subliminalclub is one of those rare gems.

(From a very happy customer fwiw)


Need to iterate:
Do NOT try to create new mixes of our products – I can guarantee you that you’re rendering the file useless. Our products are made using a carefully balanced process in a calibrated studio environment. It took a couple of thousand dollars to build our main studio, and even more for the mobile secondary studio built so @Fire could make subliminals.

Before that, @Fire and I developed the product over the course of an entire year. Throwing the files into a basic audio editor and mashing them together – even if it sounds good – is asking for trouble. Mixing our products with other producers’ products is absolutely insane. I have no idea what’s in their subliminals, and they don’t know what’s in ours. Our products were created in a very different way than standard conventional knowledge dictates we should.

If you want a custom mix of our products – and this will sound self-serving – save up the $400 min. we charge for a custom subliminal and have it made. We’ll make sure it’s worth the money, we’ll future-proof your purchase as much as we can, and we know for fact that it’s done properly.


I’ve received a ridiculous amount of support e-mails on this topic, originating from people that haven’t actually purchased anything from Subliminal Club. That being said, I’m making one final statement on the topic of pirated “blended” mixes and then going back to building Beyond Limitless because I’m not going to waste time on the ignorant: Anyone who downloads and uses a “blended” mix of our products (I can’t speak to others) risks serious harm to their subconscious.

The individual making these mixes actually e-mailed us awhile back rambling on about his “method,” which consists of basic, rudimentary sound editing you can learn from YouTube. In actuality, he’s just layering OUR already mixed, mastered and balanced files – we did all the damn hard work already. No actual sound engineering – both a science and an art – is going into this “process.” Imagine taking two FINISHED novels, mixing the pages together and calling yourself an author. Yes, you’ll have a single book. Will that book make any sense whatsoever?

The actual “mixing” of the subliminal to make it sound good is the easy part. There’s nothing magical about sound mixing, I could teach a person how to create a good mix in a day (keep in mind, though, there’s a reason why I paid $400 A PIECE for flat response studio monitors and soundproofed my office). Yes, I imagine someone could take our subliminals, watch some YouTube videos, mix 'em together and make it sound appeasing to the ear. Again, NOT the PROBLEM.

We scripted our subliminals for back to back stacking, not simultaneous listening. Our products all “hook” into each other like a jigsaw puzzle. Different, discrete pieces, that create a work of art when snapped together.
That’s how you’re able to create stacks, and we spent a YEAR developing that technology into an actual product, and we’ve continually improved our build method with every new title. Simultaneous listening goes against the foundation of how the subliminal is built, and WILL lead to undesirable results. Trust me on this. Blending our subliminals is absurd. Quit being lazy and just listen to them properly.

I wish I could explain more about our technology and how it all links together, but @Fire has spent an incredible amount of time on our products, and I’m not handing away the secret because someone wants to steal someone else’s work and claim they’ve invented something new.

Imagine stealing a finished meal from two different cooks, tossing them together with no regard to the actual meals or flavors and pretending you’re a chef.

EDIT: We will not respond to support requests or any other e-mail on this topic.


Could you actually maybe create a standalone topic for this including how that would work and what that would entail (like, how many products, specific name targeting etc)? Wouldn’t hurt to see the offer. People are paying amounts similar to that as I hear. :slight_smile:


It’s not a service we officially offer yet, but we have entertained pitches when they’ve arrived. Subliminal Club is well-funded and solvent, so our focus at the moment is growing our product line and developing the actual technology, not necessarily new lines of revenue. Making a custom subliminal will require a significant amount of resources, which means new products and product updates (like the S&S v2 masked everyone’s clamoring for) will go on the back burner. When it’s time for it to become an official product, we’ll make an official announcement and put it on the site.


I believe less is more when it comes to listening to subliminals. One is best, two is good, 3 or more and the law of diminishing returns starts to slow things down. I’ve seen people justify listening to multiple subliminals by saying stuff like “the human brain can handle it” but the math doesn’t add up. I saw one guy on Reddit say he listens to something like 8 different subliminals every day and that’s crazy. If you’re playing 6-8 subliminals, then you’re only getting to listen to each one 1-2 times per day. So results will take 4-8 times longer. Mixing multiple subliminals into a single file is just plain ridiculous.

Now some might think “That’s still good! I’ll take life changing progress in 1-2 years because it’s better than never!” But here’s the punchline, the people who just dabble in subliminals like that will never complete that many months of listening because in a few months they’ll move on to the next shiny thing. So they won’t get any results in 6 months, 6 years or ever because it’s always on to the next thing.

As for piracy, I’m all for pirating “the other guy’s” $200.00-$500.00 subs because don’t work anyway and he always blames his customers, but FFS, Subliminal Club’s prices are so affordable that even poor people/students/people in 3rd world countries can afford them. Buy Emperor and money won’t be an issue for too long.

The Subliminal Club team are releasing amazing products at unbeatable prices. Respect their time and pay for the subliminals. Respect your time and use them properly.


Not sure if I agree pirating “the other guy’s” simply because it doesn’t work though I do think piracy may work as a form of protest of sorts to a lackluster product. Though this is contradictory in this case since why would you pirate a supposedly non-working product (supposedly since I have no experience with them)? Nobody pirates a broken movie/game for example. I do think by virtue of Subliminal Club’s aggressive pricing policy, the competitor(s) will either have to push for lower prices and a more effective product or they will lose relevancy. Either one of them is a desirable outcome for the consumer so I don’t think piracy will be needed/ethical in this case.

On the topic of the thread though, it’s a shame people have to pirate something that could genuinely change their lives for the better. I can’t imagine pirating it when the pricing is so low and the guilt that comes from possibly achieving something great but realizing that it was from someone you took from without paying their hard work. Trust me for any pirates reading this, even if you’re a student, please do take the time to make an investment for yourself. If you don’t see any results in 30 days, you can always get a refund so there’s nothing to lose and much to gain.


I have always been a believer of the traditional wisdom. Work on one issue at a time as it would be like trying to chase two rabbits and not catching either.

However some people claim they get synergistic benefits from listening to multiple subs from different vendors.


The issue is using an audio program to mix together multiple subliminals from multiple producers to all play at once. As in, you’d be listening to Emperor, Primal and a random subliminal from a competitor at the exact same time. Considering the fact that we don’t make our scripts public, nor does most of our competitors, doing this is absolutely insane.