NOTICE: Introducing SubliminalClub PRIME -- Coming Soon!


When @Fire and myself decided to open SubliminalClub, we vowed that we weren’t going to be like any other subliminal producer. It wasn’t enough for us to just create dope, life-changing bomb ass products – we wanted to disrupt the market and be on the cutting edge of technology, as well as improve the lives of ALL our customers.

We’ve definitely created some AMAZING products – just take a look at all the positive reviews we’re receiving here and around the web. However, much of the major market disruptive processes have been behind the scenes – how we build our subliminals, the underlying technology that powers them, the internal workflows, the research. All of these things, however, are constituent elements of a larger, more ambitious goal.

We are daring to expand our vision further, and bring subliminal technology to every family, every businessman, every successful person, every lost and lonely man out there, by creating a new medium for cutting edge subliminals - Subliminal Club PRIME.

Subliminal Club PRIME is a platform that will forever change how you view self-improvement. Long term, it will incorporate AI, natural learning processing, machine learning, et. al. allowing you to build custom subliminals on the demand, among other things. But, that dream won’t come true unless we make subliminals even more accessible to the world.

That being said, the first element of Subliminal Club PRIME is SubClub Cloud – a streaming service that you can access from your computer, mobile phone and other smart devices. The ENTIRE SUBLIMINAL CLUB LIBRARY will be available on SubClub Cloud, and you’ll be able to do so for just $16.99/month (price not final).

In addition, every SubClub Cloud subscriber will get 30% off EVERY FUTURE SUBLIMINAL PURCHASE. And, just with our regular products, you’ll still receive our satisfaction guarantee. SubClub Cloud will be available late 2018 / early 2019

We want to change the world. We have the vision. We have the drive. Let’s make it happen.

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That sounds great, but I’m worried about 2 things.

  1. Will I be able to download or buffer the mp3s? During commute I only have access to metered mobile internet and with 100+ MB files it would go to waste in a couple of days.

  2. Is it worth it? 1 subliminal ~= 2 months of Prime. After a month of Emperor, I feel like I need a more time than just one month more. At that price, I feel it will simply be more effective to buy subliminals outright. Also I have bought 3 so far. Emperor, Ascended Mogul and Sex & Seduction. I have no reason to subscribe, until I get all the benefits from all of them, or Prime will offer something other, like the AI.

Also wasn’t Prime supposed to be a subliminal product?:grinning:
Edit: Thanks @Floridianninja for pointing out, that it’s Primal.

I feel like the idea has great potential, and if it makes sense for me, I will sign right up.


The subliminal he was talking about before is going to be called Primal… if i’m not mistaken.


Unfortunately, we cannot allow downloads of the files. Most cell phone providers are starting to adopt low-cost unlimited data packages (I have one myself @ 55 dollars a month), and this is a trend that’s going to continue happening over the next year or so. We’re making a conscious decision to embrace the future, and that means making the hard decision to spend less resources on outdated technologies. This doesn’t contradict our mission of accessibility, as low cost smart phones and data plans are going to takeoff very soon.

Yes. SubClub Cloud will launch with access to 25+ titles. Our core titles, plus the Stacking Modules – individual modules that we can package into low-cost subliminals, allowing you to target and enhance certain parts of your psyche.

We understand – it’s not for everyone. We appreciate your support regardless of how you give it.


If I’m understanding correctly with this subscription you get complete access to all their products for a reasonable fee each month. They will be still selling stand alone products and as a subscriber you get 30% off your purchases. If that is the case then excellent idea. As there is people like me that don’t mind supporting a company with a monthly revenue as long as it’s good while still purchasing their products e.g ESO subscription then using the crowns to purchase the DLC that I get free with it so they get a little bit monthly to continue development.


@ SaintSovereign

in theory I personally feel its a good idea however in practice I would stick to the old school of purchasing and downloading the sub. The reason I say this is in my current location the WiFi cannot be trusted and is often prone to disconnections. i choose to play them on an old fashioned MP3 player with no connection to the internet.


25 plus titles? That got my attention


Nope. Where did I say we were going to stop producing downloadable files? In fact, I noted that Prime members get 30% off all future purchases, so clearly, downloadables are a major part of our future business plans.

But streaming services are nothing new – there’s just no one doing it in this space and no one intending to merge the data with AI to make custom subliminals. Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, Google Music, Apple Music – any real “offense” to SubClub Cloud now that I’ve cleared up that downloads are NOT going away is pretty much just fear mongering.


I really like how ambitious you guys are. Keep up the good work :smile:


I want to make sure I understand. SubClub Cloud members will get streaming access to the entire SubClub catalog as of the time of launch but future subliminal releases will not be included in the cloud subscription and instead will be sold at a 30% discount to Cloud members? Is that right?

I need to understand the Cloud subscription plan better before making a decision, but Subliminal Club Prime sounds amazing. You guys are doing some crazy things in your first year in business. Your ambition and boldness are inspiring and it’s really exciting to be a small part of this as a customer during your early days.


I’m sure they will be included and that the discount is in addition to being able to stream. That’s how all subscription services work. On netflix or spotify you get access to new stuff as it comes along, not just old stuff and you have buy the new, even with a discount it would not make much sense.


No. Future releases will be included on Cloud, and if you wish to purchase a subliminal, you get 30% off.


Oh, I see! The Cloud gives you everything streaming but you get a discount for purchasing a downloadable copy of the subliminal. Thanks for the clarification.


Pleased to announce a new benefit of SubliminalClub PRIME – curated video courses on entrepreneurship, romance, general self-improvement, etc. I’ll be creating the first few courses, focusing on building profitable eCommerce websites and other online businesses. These courses will come with Prime membership. No additional purchases necessary.

We’re also working on exclusive deals and coupons with various vendors for PRIME members. For example, pheromone companies, web designers (for those wanting to outsource the building of their eCommerce website), etc.

@Fire and I aren’t playing. Best self-improvement platform available on the web.


Good update on PRIME: @Fire and I met with a VERY promising partner that will handle much of the backend, particularly the streaming audio platform. Their software is completely mobile friendly, and allows for custom playlists (this was the make or break feature for me), and it’s aesthetically pleasing. We’re negotiating the price because we’re adamant at keeping PRIME at 16.99 or below.

Tomorrow, we’re personally testing the platform and if it meets our needs, we’ll sign the dotted line.

Also, we’ve also acquired a second MacBook Pro production station and @Fire will start building new titles (currently, he is our master scripted while I build), and I’ll start on the backlog of masked subs and working on PRIME.

Good stuff ahead.