NOTICE: Forum Now Supports Https


Just a quick update. See title.


Not working. At least atm.


It does for me on Chrome for Mac


On PC. Tried Chrome, Fiefox and after your comment also Opera. No https


I seem to have no problems with Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox on PC. Tried shortening https to http and it redirected to the https version of the website. Are your browsers updated?


Works here, and otherwise enforce it via HTTPs everywhere extension.

I also noticed that you have to enable, 1-2 cookies now for proper being able to login.

@SaintSovereign what do you use Facebook for site analytics? I have it blocked everywhere, but my log showed it coming up.



Everything was right. I checked the SSL status and saw that they’re using cloudflare. Nameservers just had not resolved. It’s a process. Not every location can access the site equally. That was it. Working now.