NOTICE: Data Loss Issue


PLEASE READ: Earlier today, the web server that houses our forum crashed and we experienced catastrophic data loss. As a result, we had to restore the server to a backup from four days ago. Unfortunately, all data from the past few days were lost – new signups, new posts (including the Regenerate / The Elixir launch announcement). The data is unrecoverable. Very sorry for the inconvenience.

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01-28-19 @ 4:10 PM;


That is a bummer but not exactly your guys fault. I would hope most people would understand that shit does happen in life and best thing to do is move on.

Atleast you guys could back it up to a recent time and not like some few months ago.


01-29-19 @ 1:20 PM;
@SaintSovereign; Perhaps you guys can set up the backups to take place at least once on a daily basis, so if and when it happens again, there won’t be so much data/posts lost from the threads…:thinking:


We’ve already taken precautions to ensure the situation won’t occur again.

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