Not receiving any response from support regarding refund

I am new to Subliminal Club. I purchased 2 programs on 15 March. After using for sometime, I understood it is not for me. So I filed a refund request on the portal. But I did not receive any reply from support team. I posted 2 additional replies but no replies ! I am worried that subliminalclub might be a company which says it would refund but it may actually not do the refund when someone asks for it.

Which programs did you purchase

Also you really haven’t given the programs time to work to see real changes

@RVconsultant this is up your alley



What does that even mean?

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Whenever I am using it, that night I seem to be having horror dreams coupled with abnormal pressure increase and shortage of breath. I dont know why. I purchased the programs Emperor Fitness and Primal Seduction. I am not courageous enough to continue any more with atleast any of these 2 audios. Maybe they have an impact, maybe they dont. But they are clearly not for me.

First, our policies state that you’ll receive a response to a support request within 3-5 business days. It wasn’t 3-5 business days before you escalated your “claim” to PayPal.

We responded to your PayPal claim in PayPal. We are contesting your claim because it is obvious fraud. You’ve been ordering over hundred dollars worth of products, then refunding them a week later. Then, you’re creating new accounts to bypass the blacklist and purchase more products before refunding those too. We have reported this behavior to PayPal with the appropriate evidence.

Because you escalated the claim to PayPal, all correspondence regarding this matter now has to go through them. You can respond to our evidence within PayPal’s dispute center.