Not getting what I payed for,no download links

I recently purchased the spartan subliminal felt a bit of a change all positive, so I decided to purchase the custom sleep and exercise motivation ones, the Quintessence members area shows the order received, then processing, then completed no download links in any of them. I have sent in a ticket 5 days ago and nothing…Hi rodney,

We have finished processing your order.

[Order #2023446] (April 26, 2022) is the last email I got. To say I’m annoyed is an understatment. Anybody know how to fix this, all advice. Thanks in advance.

Did you actually build the custom or did you just license the modules?

The How Does The Custom Process Work? article might help clarify things.


Custom downloads don’t appear in your account, they are emailed as an Amazon S3 direct download link. Assuming the order was placed correctly, did you check your spam folder etc for the email?


You actually need to build a “full” custom per say to use the modules
You can’t use the bare module

You have a build step by step explanation but to explain the basic :

  • Fee for custom 99
  • minimum 10 modules with 1-2 cores to choose 15 for each module or cores

Hello @rodney,

As @Seeker stated, please take a look at the following:

It explains in-depth the process behind creating a custom subliminal. In short, you license the modules (as you did), decide upon the build method, specify the modules and finally order the building of your custom subliminal.


@rodney Welcome to SubClub. Once things are straightened out, enjoy the help that can take you towards your goals.


Did you get your inquiry answered after reading this thread?

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Thanks for all the advice guys, I didnt read all the instructions when ordering my bad.