Nootropics and their effectiveness


Haha mine currently is the bang bangster berry. I’ve never had success with vitamin c as a preventative. I’ve downed packets of those guys literally.


Zinc and a ginseng-based immune booster have kept me pretty healthy for years; with that combo I can usually knock out a common cold in 24h or less. Zinc specifically interferes with the replication of the cold virus as far as I recall; though it unfortunately wasn’t effective against a virus that I caught while on a vacation in Asia earlier this year which I later (half?) jokingly referred to as SARS 2.0.


Can’t go wrong there :wink:. Ginseng is great.


Any body every try these?

I especially like the MCT oil. Goes straight to my brain. Put it in my coffee every morning and sometimes afternoon.


Go for Brain Octane over XCT in Bulletproof coffee; much better results for energy and focus. When combined with grass fed butter (important! butter produced from grain-fed milk has a very different nutrient profile) it works very well. I have a decaf Bulletproof coffee every day, and it still provides good energy from the MCT and butter.


Haven’t tried it with the butter in it. What brand of butter do you like to use? Also how much do you use? Thanks for the tip.


Kerrygold unsalted, I use at least 2tbsp each of the butter and MCT for a 16oz mug. I also add heavy cream, but that’s not part of the original Bulletproof coffee recipe.

p.s. Other brands of butter will work, but definitely should be grass fed. And definitely not salted. :rofl:


Thanks I’ll try it out :+1:t3:


Anything on nootropics can be found on the blog above. Everything stated on there are facts from my knowledge, very correct information, and very informative. Enjoy.


For optimal health, performance, mental cognition you really don’t need that much. Grab yourself a few bottles of Performance Lab Whole-Food Multi and take 2 pills in the morning, 2 pills in the afternoon in combination with some MCT (Medium-Chain Triglyceride) while ingesting.

Additionally you could add some individual nootropics for more neuro cognitive function. I would suggesting adding in Qualia focus when not experienced with the study of nootropics. Qualia Focus is in my opinion one of the better brain enhancing stacks out there. But definitely not necessary when taking multi-vitamin in combination with C-8 & C-10 Medium-Chain Triglycerides already which enhance brain functioning by fueling the brain with ketones instead of glucose. On top of that it helps with the absorption of certain vitamins contained in the Performance Lab multi-vitamin stack.

A healthy mind & body is necessary to become a high performing individual. It will also aid in the use of subliminal’s indirectly and I highly recommend taking the above subscription.

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So what Nootropics are good that are out there? Any for creativity and focus?


Let me add a question, which ones are affordable for what they offer?


Nootropic’s I’d say start with vitamins, use performance lab multi-food. As for focus and creativity either go for Mind Lab Pro or Qualia Focus, both are good. Good luck.


I was so dissapointed by genius brand that i think they are just overpriced products


Ya they certainly are over rated too. I bet more then half of the reviews on their products from amazon are fake and paid for.


Anyone uses L-Theanine on its own?


Mind Lab Pro had no effect on me strangely.


There’s a difference between not having an effect and not being aware or noticing an effect.


For myself it was always just piracetam in bulk. That worked the best with a cholin building supplement because these nootropics burn up the choline reserves in your brain and then don’t work as good and then you just up your dose or jump to another analogue hoping for better results like a drug. But that never works. My favorite choline booster was L huperzine a or phospholitadylserline.

Those two together did it for me.