Non-specific fighting/self defense title?


I think it would compelling to have a title dealing with fighting and the practical aspects of real life fighting, self defence and strategy.

A big part might be noticing, learning and implementing effective techniques from multiple systems.


Emperor Fitness will be the best bet for that. Here’s a quote from its sales page:

"Stage 1: Mastery

Mastery is where your technique will be honed repeatedly, again and again, every little detail being ironed out until your skills have been perfected.

This ironing out extends to all physical disciplines – martial arts, team sports, weightlifting, bodybuilding, endurance sports… No matter the area you want to hone, your skills will become the stuff of legends."


I am thinking of something far more developed than that. I am on Spartan and I am pretty sure it mentions those basic ideas, too. But putting a small passing mention of something in and focusing upon it are very different.

It is worth noting that there are titles for boxing and muy thai already. I am thinking of something for less specific fighting and self defence skills and mastery that would be developed to the level of those titles and that also maybe deal with some of the psychological issues of fear connected with self defense, which can keep people from using those skills in a crisis situation. Also a focus upon developing the confidence to use your skills on the street in an actual fight vs just practicing in a dojo or basement.

I get a little tired of presenting an idea and having somebody say it already exists, when, in actuality, it doesn’t. There is nothing helpful in that.




Situational Awareness.

And dealing with the psychological aspects of hostile/aggressive interactions. The ability to stay calm in heightened situations.

and then, yes, enhanced internalization of movement chains and techniques.

The first two, though, seem major for self-defense.


A “Survival Mastery X” title is in the works. In fact, the Aegis Initiative platform was borne from that idea. Also, I’ve always wanted to make a “Captain America” type program.


Are you going to call it “Rogers”? We could have an annual Subliminal Club meeting and have those using Rogers friendly compete against those on Stark in video games, seduction, etc and call it…
Subliminal Club: Civil War


Would this include elements of functional fitness as well? Health? Resiliency? Strategy?

If this would basically be about creating a resilient human able to survive and thrive in pretty much any scenario or crisis I would be all in on that and it would likely suit me better than Spartan, which I am on now, or Emperor Fitness.

My physical/mental ideal for fitness is more special forces member than bodybuilder.


Please call it “Super Soldier” :grin:


This could be really great. It’s a lot more complex than mastery of a martial art though. There are a lot more tactical and legal considerations involved.


I wanted to link to this concept I had previously brought up as I see it being relevant here.

I have been thinking about a concept for what I would see as a major program based on the characteristics of elite special forces members in groups like the Navy Seals, Spetznatz, UOE, Col Moschin, Sayeret Matkal, GIGN, SAS, etc. Most nations have military units that represent the absolute pinnacle of training and ability.

There is a certain character required to become part of and function within one of these organizations that represents a very high level of physical and mental development of the person involved. I see this as a no nonsense, physically fit, mentally tough, resourceful, practical yet exemplary alpha. ALL GO. NO SHOW!

This may be covered somewhat in Spartan, but I think this concept would be a distinct alpha/mindset/fitness title and I am thinking some qualities that would be highlighted in this conceptual framework would be:

Functional Fitness
Mental Toughness
Commitment to the mission
Strategy and tactics
The ability to make independent decisions
Noticing and using the environment around oneself
Stress Resistance
Self Reliance
Self Discipline
Self assessment and adjustment
Self motivation
Constant Self Improvement
Giving and earning respect
Can receive leadership and can take leadership depending on circumstance
Appropriate ego
Grace under pressure
Ability to be taught and to be trained.
Ability to learn on one’s own effectively.
Practical combat training
Identifying and judiciously pushing beyond previous perceived limits


Yes — the framework includes that, as well as weapons mastery, heightened senses and intuition, etc.


What a genius @SaintSovereign, you have master ideas , we already are spoilt with choices and then comes a new temptation .


If this could encompass functional fitness, health, strategy, fighting and mental toughness it would check a whole lot of essential boxes for me.

Pair it with Stark and maybe Ultimate Artist and I might be set.


Nah. I am the last person to make the case of “it already exists”. That pisses me off equally like people saying “take action” when I request for a sub that doesn’t exist in the store here. I just pointed out EF incase you didn’t know that it had martial arts skill development built into it.


I get it. I have just had a number of instances on this board where I presented an idea and somebody said, “this will handle it” without fully getting what I am presenting, or simply dismissing it with “it already exists”.