No product after purchase

My second post regarding this…my account isn’t being saved when I register it so I had to re-register again… But anyways I purchased Gaming Mastery X and never received a confirmation email or even the product itself. I noticed your response the first time I posted @Fire but as soon as I exited out of my browser my account didn’t save. So here I am again…lol

There are no orders filed under your email address. Did you check your bank account to see if funds were taken? How did you pay, Stripe (debit / credit card) or PayPal?

my paypal was charged [email protected]

I paid via paypal…the funds were taken…i paid under [email protected]

You’re right – I found the order in PayPal, but for some reason, the website didn’t capture it. I added your order manually under the unrealflash11 email. You should be able to login and download it now. You also should’ve received a receipt.

thanks a ton