Niles Sex Focused Custom

After about 6 or so months of focusing on work, success, and running money based customs, my financial situation has dramatically improved. However it seems that whenever I focused heavily and make a lot of progress in one area of my life, other areas start to lack. Recently went through a pretty rough break up that I tried to salavage multiple times, but it got bad enough that we were both just done. So with that chapter or my life in the past, I’m looking forward to getting back to my self and focusing on pure seduction based subs.

Here’s the new stack:

  1. Primal Core
  2. Wanted Core
  3. Sex Mastery Core
  4. Gorgeous women Manifestor
  5. Sexual manifestation
  6. Alexander’s play
  7. Earth Shaker
  8. Iron Frame
    9.Charisma/Flirting Mentor
  9. Temptation
  10. Total Non Chalance
  11. Lion IV
  12. Direct Influencing Aura
  13. Dragons Tounge
  14. Inner Gasoline
  15. Eagle Eye
  16. Song Of Joy
  17. Deus
  18. Tyrant
  19. Story Teller

Sprinkled in a few social modules as I’m in sales and wanted to continue my success in that without making it a priority.


Hi @Niles, I constructed a very similar Custom to yours; Wanted, Primal and Sex Mastery – therefore, I’m very enthusiastic to hear of your results.

I, however, leaned a little bit more towards the Sexual and Love aspects of things :wink:

Is there anything you can share from your experiences so far? Perhaps a little description of each module.

Thank you for contributing.