Nile's Khan Journal


Started Khan 3 weeks ago, wanted to post a review of my experience so far. Prior to starting Khan I was in a bit of a rut as far as my life direction goes. I spent about 5 months running Iron Throne/Primal Seduction and was solely focused on pickup, and sleeping with as many women as I could. Women we’re really the driving focus of my life. I went from having slept with 4 women to nearly 60 over this past summer. I had a blast, some incredibly experiences, but I began to feel a need for something more. I was sleeping with a lot of girls, but not nessicarily the 9s and 10s that I wanted. Most of the girls we’re short term flings, and the ones that we’re serious about me I played off like toys. I was basically the defenition of a fuck boy, which the version of me a year ago would have dreamed to be, but as I developed, it started to feel pretty meaningless and I had a strong desire to figure out my place in the world. Besides that, my finances we’re in rough shape from having devoted all of my time to having fun and pick up. After this summer I really found myself in a rut, struggling to decide on a direction, hopping on a myriad of different programs, and really questioning my purpose. 3 weeks ago I decided to pick up Khan as I thought it best met my lifestyle.

I’ve ran exclusively stage 4,as I have extensive experience with multiple of the other subs here so I didn’t feel a need to run the healing modules. Also as a bartender I’m hesitant to run stage 1 because I’m worried it will impact my work with customers (much of my job depends on charisma.) Didn’t notice much the first week as far as noticeable results compared to other programs I’ve ran like Iron Throne which you feel an almost immediate surge of sexual presence. I did experience extremely vivid, movie like dreams (still am up this point), and reconciliation in the form of anxiety, sometimes more severe in instances where I would have to take a moment to myself and gather my composure, and than the second week a more mild, pervading feeling of anxiety. It was also at the second week however where I began to notice more external results of the sub. The biggest thing I’ve noticed is how much better my interactions with people have gotten (daredevil scripting). This was the primary reason I choose Khan over Emperor or the others, as I am, and have always been intrigued my charisma, and high level social skills. I’ve always been likeable and good with people, but in the Dale Carnige sense, good listener, I can get a long with just about anyone, finding commonalities, being generally agreeable and pleasant. One of my goals however, was to be more dominant socially, become the center of attention, captivate people, improve my humor, be a leader. This has certainly became true. I always had this fear that people would get confrontational or think I’m an asshole If I put myself out their more, but what I’ve learned is that people generally like to be more passive, they don’t want to hold the social obligation on themselves. This realization has really allowed me to step up in social situations, and I’ve finally begun to lead interactions instead of just being an extra in someone else’s show.
I also decided to go back to school a few weeks ago. I spent so much time trying to discover my purpose, reading, self analyzing, meditating and it got me nowhere. I learned that I just had to start taking action in some direction, and see if it sticks. I settled on enrolling in the fire academy to become a firefighter. I have a few big connections at a big city department and until I discover my next purpose, I know it’s a way that I can contribute to society, and have an adventure a long the way. Than a couple days ago, I experienced what I would consider my first manifestation. A man came into the bar while I was bar tending and I had this feeling in my gut that he was somebody I should know. He was clean shaven, mustache, in well shape for his age and I thought to myself he looked like a firefighter. Got to talking to him and it turned out he had been the fire chief at the same department I wanted to get on. He recently retired, but he told me he’s still in charge of hiring and promotions. Ended up talking to him for almost 2 hours and he gave me his card, wrote down his number and told me to give him a call if I need anything or have any questions about getting on the department. It was a really surreal feeling that I’d have to consider to be a synchronicity or manifestation.

As far as the sexual/relationship aspects of Khan, I have noticed that I’m getting attraction from higher quality women. In the past I would do really well with 6s and 7s, and occassional 8s, but struggle to be myself around more attractive women. Now at the bars I’m getting attention from extremely attractive women, asking me how hold I am, and generally more interested in getting to know me. I started a new job at a bigger bar and most of the waitresses and bartenders are college girls and I notice them bumping in to me, touching me on accident etc (I am pretty well built). I have a girlfriend that I’m pretty committed to and we have a great sex life, but Khan is defientley going to test my resilience in this department lol.

One other thing to note that I also think has played a part in my rapidly growing results and success is using the Sedonna Method. Any time I feel reconciliation, in the form of anxiety, limiting beliefs, feeling like things are getting too good too fast it is an invaluable tool to keep the needle moving. Excited for the rest of this journey and will keep y’all updated.


wow, all the best


Another satisfied Khan customer…

If you get that inkling to join the fire department, (and your subconscious may have asked the universe) go for it.